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The accelerated developments in the media and communication markets and the resulting polarization and intensification of competition among the existing media conglomerates lead to the increasing importance of strategic communication in/between/of companies and other organizations. Information and the management of communication processes with key stakeholders has evolved from a secondary preoccupation to a main strategic asset – especially in crisis situations. Accordingly, executives at higher management levels need sophisticated techniques and research-based knowledge for handling communication inside and outside the company/organization.

Consultancy - especially in the field of crisis communication - requires a trustful relationship between client and consultant. In order to facilitate fast, accurate and often far-reaching decisions, the consultant needs complex and confidential information. The kinds of information needed and how to make sense of it can only be judged from a comprehensive research-based background.

The members of the International Research Group on Crisis Communications have broad experiences in different crisis scenarios and exclusive knowledge from a wide range of research insights. Our members deal constantly with structures, patterns, specific characteristics and solutions of crises, especially in the fields of business and politics. This allows for precise and theory-driven advice of how to handle crisis situations on the level of communication management.

In the arenas of political and business communication, ideas have to be implemented better, faster and more efficiently than the ones of competitors. A company that wants to be successful today has not only to survive on the global trade markets but also on the market of international public opinion – trust and credibility should be seen as important as financial capital and production know-how. Trust is closely linked with reputation - the public perception of your company/organization. In times of saturated markets and interchangeable products reputation becomes a critical competitive factor. IRGoCC offers you many years of expertise in building stable and trustful relationships with stakeholders, such as the media, customers, employees, investors and others.