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TU Ilmenau, Hans-Stamm Campus

+ + + News: The next winter semester starts 01 October 2018 + + +

What can you study at the Department EM?

Technische Universität Ilmenau – studying with the best perspectives. 

Cosmopolitan and homey – that is how the climate at the Technische Universität Ilmenau can be described. The modern university is located at the edge of the Thuringian forest, surrounded by green forest. With its about 6600 students, of whom about 18 % are international, the TU Ilmenau is a university exemplarily ranged more than once. A special part of the university is the Department of Economic Sciences and Media ("Wirtschaftwissenschaften und Medien", in short: EM). The focus of the university on technical topics and engineering is extensively supplemented by the research of the Department EM in the fields of economy, communication, law, media technology and informatics. Being internationally open and providing qualitatively high research and teaching are self-evident for the department EM. 

What study programmes are offered for international students at the Department EM?

The department offers the following majors: 

If you are searching for a course of study with valuable practical relevance and interdisciplinary approaches, you will find enrichment in studying at the faculty EM for your academic career.

The department EM is cosmopolitan and kindly welcomes international students. 

Why TU Ilmenau?

  • TU Ilmenau is a campus family
  • Modern facilities
  • Outstanding placements in university rankings
  • Affordable living costs
  • Diverse students culture
  • Extensive consultancy 

Why the Department of Economic Sciences and Media?

  • Modern research
  • Reasonable link between study programmes
  • Rewarded & active lecturers
  • Practical relevance and interdisciplinary in all study programmes
  • Participation at international conferences and research projects