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Communication Science

Communication Science Header

What is Communication Science?

Facebook, Netflix, newspapers, smartphones, apps, Instagram – we are surrounded by media every day. We consume, think about it, and eventually even produce media contents ourselves.

The socioscientific study programme of communication science reflects and investigates media of all kinds – no matter if old or new genres of media. The different aspects of production, usage and effects of media are not only subject of teaching in this study programme but are also topic of research.

The study programmes "Applied Media and Communication Science" (BA) and "Master of Communication Science" grant unique possibilities for students interested in communication and its social impact.

Communication Science at the TU Ilmenau

Application-oriented: Especially the Bachelor is characterized by its focus on practical experience and applicability of the educational material. Communication Science at the TU Ilmenau is known for its many projects with real costumers, working with useful programmes and pitches for the best concepts.

Research-based: In Ilmenau "application-oriented" and "research-based" are no mutually exclusive. Especially Master students fathom the state of the art in the field of research and even add their part in it. Students work research-based during Bachelor and Master where they can deepen their field of interestes.

The Ilmenau Model of the three pillars: The courses of communication science are based on three pillars: communication science, economics and media technology. Modules of all three pillars prepare students extensively for working in the communications sector or related fields.  


Students are located mainly at the main campus, the Hans-Stamm Campus, for their courses. Centre of the course is the Institute of Media and Communication Science at the Ernst-Abbe-Zentrum (short: EAZ) on the main campus. 

Career Prospects

The field of career for graduates of applied communication science is very broad and offers various possibilities. 

Career prospects

Bachelor of Applied Media and Communication Science

The Bachelor in "Applied Media and Communication Science" is characterized by its interdisciplinary nature and closeness to practical application. The study programme uses time and content wisely-linked modules and international topics.  

Semester abroad

Duration1-2 semesters
Modulesbachelor modules
LanguageGerman and/or Englisch
Language SkillsGerman: min. B1
English: min. B1
Semester StartWinter or summer semester


You like to discover the world of communication? Investigate the mentalities of Social Media, TV, radio and many more media?

Go ahead and find out more about the modalities of application. Here is further information and notes for your application and the link to the online application system. 

Complete Bachelor

A complete bachelor programme can also be completed successfully by foreign students or future students.

Please take into account that a complete Bachelor programme is nearly completely conducted in German (specific information can be found at "Language Skills"). 

More information can be found on the official TU Ilmenau page. For more application advice go to the "Application & more" page.

Master in Communication Science

Similar to the Bachelor is the "Master in Communication Science“ based on the Ilmenauer "Three Pillars Model", including a strong international focus. 

Semester abroad

Duration1-2 semesters
Modulesmaster modules
Language SkillsEnglisch: min. B2
Semester Startwinter or summer semester


More about applying for a semester abroad at the TU Ilmenau can be found here.

Complete Master programme

The Master programme can also be started by foreign and future students. It is important to recognise that the process of application is more comprehensive than for a single semester abroad. An advantage of the Master in Communication Science at the Department EM is the international focus of the programme. The Master programm was specifically designed to address foreign students.

Duration3 Semesters
ModulesModule list
Language SkillsEnglish: IELTS: min. 6.5, TOEFL: 100 IBT or 250 CBT or 600 ITP, TOEIC: min. 800 points, Cambridge: minimal level CAE, language level: C1
Semester Startwinter or summer semester

You can find more information about the Master in Communication Science here.

Media Economics, Business Engineering, Business Informatics

Media Economics

What is Media Economics?

In the usual cycle of the economy many markets and branches are subject of alterations. Even though this is applies to the media branch, a steady future growth of this branch is predicted. New media such as smart phones, virtual reality glasses, Netflix or Snapchat refresh the market and bring up new ideas for enterprises, their formations and methods. How will we pay for online services in the future? Which enterprise organizations are suited to fit the latest economy circumstances and how can media enterprises secure their income?

Closely linked to this promising sector, the TU Ilmenau offers two study programmes named "Media Economics" (short: MW) for the Bachelor and Master. They both are a special form of business administration with aspects of economics and law, media technology and communication science. 

Media Economics at the TU Ilmenau

Courses are specialised in economics and media. Besides its obvious interdisciplinary strength, the faculty puts effort in granting high practical applicability.
The connection of multiple scientific fields of research results in a high-demanded interface competence, which makes it possible to continue working in nearly any fields of the media sector after finishing the study programme. 


The courses are located at the Hans-Stamm-Campus (main campus), the Ernst-Abbe-Zentrum (short: EAZ) and the Oeconomicum. Lectures and tutorials mainly take place at the main campus. 

Industrial Engineering and Management Header

What is Industrial Engineering and Management?

As a business engineer you will be talking two languages: one of economics and one of engineering. The study programme business engineering is a reaction on the rising demand for interface competences in the everyday working life. As an economist it can be decisive to know technical procedures or as an engineer it can be necessary to understand the economical context of ones work.

The Bachelor and Master course combines the economical process with engineering knowledge. The department focuses on a practical teaching and research orientation. 

Industrial Engineering and Management at the TU Ilmenau

The good reputation of the TU Ilmenau, as well as its magnificent score in university rankings for its courses, support the job perspectives of the graduates. General studies and trend analyses prove that the potential of business engineers is highly valued in the labour market. The profile of the TU Ilmenau answers directly to the needs and demands of the economy for good and diversely educated managers, leaders, consultants and more. The universities own career fair, the inova, provides additional chances for students. 


Business engineers of the TU Ilmenau are mostly located at the Hans-Stamm-Campus (main campus). The university and faculty convince possess both, modern facilities and equipment.

Business Informatics

What is Business Informatics?

Economics and informatics – two fields that seem incompatible in their mentality in the daily business life. Solving this problem is the aim of the course "Business Informatics". Whoever decides to take this part,  often works in interdisciplinary teams and functions as an ambassador in between both economical and technical sides. A student of business informatics learns how to put the information Technologies and their development in an economic context in order to evaluate aspects from both sides and to bring them into balance.

Business Informatics at the TU Ilmenau

This course contains a variety of fields; including informatics, mathematics, business informatics, economics and law. Students of the TU Ilmenau will be well educated with strong practical experience to suit a broad range of occupations. These are mostly leading positions in the IT and/or business administrative industry.
Business Informatics at the faculty stands for interdisciplinarity, a practical approach and a good reputation.


Business Informatic students are mainly found at the well-equiped Hans-Stamm Campus (main campus). Located closely to each other are the central facilities for Business Informatic students: the Oeconomicum, the Zusebau and the Ernst-Abbe-Zentrum (short: EAZ).

Semester Abroad

A semester abroad is possible for Bachelor and Master students in all three area of studies- Media Economics, Business Engineering and Business Informatics. Based on the language skills of the applicant, courses of the Bachelor (mostly held in German) or the Master (mostly in English) can be chosen. 

Duration1-2 semesters
ModulesBachelor or Master modules
LanguageGerman and/or English
Language SkillsGerman: min. B1
English: min. B1
Semester StartWinter or summer semester

Discover the Double Degree Bachelor in Ilmenau!

Double Degree Bachelor in Ilmenau

Complete Bachelor or Master

A complete Bachelor or Master in all three courses requires extensive language skills in German (specific information under "Language Skills")!

Media Economics:
More information about the Bachelor can be found on the official TU Ilmenau page.

More information about the Master can be found on the official TU Ilmenau page.

Business Engineering:
More information about the Bachelor can be found on the official TU Ilmenau page.

More information about the Master can be found on the official TU Ilmenau page.

Business Informatics:
More information about the Bachelor can be found on the official TU Ilmenau page.

More information about the Master can be found on the official TU Ilmenau page.


Go ahead and inform yourself further on the methods of application. Here is much more information and notes for your application and the link to the online application system. 

How to apply