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Living & Studying in Ilmenau


The Technical University of Ilmenau is closely integrated into the daily life of the town of Ilmenau. The relatively young and modern university has two campus areas located closely together: the Hans-Stamm-Campus and the City Campus.

With their new and well equipped facilities and the unique student offerings, the TU Ilmenau has a magnificent reputation, especially with companies. 

Infrastructure in Germany

Germany itself is greatly linked by trains, busses and other means of transportation. The high degree of connectivity simplifies the arrival in Ilmenau and travels from here to other areas of Germany.

Foreign students can arrive in Ilmenau mainly by airplane, train, car or bus. Erfurt, as the capital city of Thuringia, is the closest center of transportation means. Airports in this area are Erfurt, Frankfurt, Leipzig and also Munich. 


The main language spoken in Germany in German. Additionally English knowledge is common, especially in the younger population. English skills are working fine for communication at the university, because generally lecturers, staff and students obtain well knowledge of the language. The TU Ilmenau also has a Institute of Languages where besides German and English many further languages are taught. Foreign students can extent their language skills there. 

Residing and Living

Ilmenau is especially attractive in regard to its low living costs. Costs for rent are lower than in other German cities, where there is often a scarcity of rental porperty. Ilmenau offers enough habitation and dormitories for students. Those are closely located on the campus. An application for dormitories directly on the campus is recommended. 

Further information on flats and the application are on the homepage of the Studierendenwerk Thüringen.

An overview of the dormitories is here.

Alternatively and independent from the university, check the page WG-gesucht offering places to live.*

*The Technical University of Ilmenau is not responsible for the content of this page.

Sports and Leisure Time

Due to its location Ilmenau offers a broad range of sports and leisure time possibilities. Various sports besides courses like boxing, gym usage, tennis, volleyball and soccer are special sports as climbing, ninjutsu, cheerleading and parkour.

More information can be found at the homepage of the university sports center

Student Life

The TU Ilmenau also offers many different cultural possibilities. A lively student culture includes for example four frequently visited student clubs directly on the campus, different associations, networks such as we4you and the ISWI e.V., who are specially engaged in organizing an internationally attractive programme and have a high percentage of international students as members.

More interesting information for those associations is in the menu item Studentenleben at Culture, Representation of Interest and Initiative on the homepage of the TU Ilmenau. 

Welcome Center!

For more detailed information about Ilmenau, TU Ilmenau, administration, arrival, preparation, financial assistance and much more visit the Welcome Center online on the TU Ilmenau website!

Support and Service Network



we4you is the service network at the TU Ilmenau, which supports international students extensively.

The team offers:

  • Welcome Tutors
  • Competent support for administrative issues
  • Information about arrival and visa
  • The Buddy program (Students at TU Ilmenau help incoming students with the arrival, administrative appointments as well as during their stay)
  • Tutor programs (Tutors at TU Ilmenau support incoming students with their language skills, integration and residence)
  • And much more!

we4you helps you before and during your stay in Ilmenau. With them, living, speaking, studying and finding friends at the TU Ilmenau becomes easier and more fun. We4you offers a network of students that makes one feel at home and helps finding friends at a foreign university in a foreign country.

We recommend very much visiting the we4you website and looking at the buddy program and tutor program

Discover the Technical University of Ilmenau

Humboldtbuilding during the Long Night of Technology, Image: ari
Humboldtbuilding during the Long Night of Technology, Image: ari
Ilmenau from above, Image: Nürnberg Luftbild
Ilmenau from above, Image: Nürnberg Luftbild
The EAZ at the Hans-Stamm-Campus, Inage: ari
The EAZ at the Hans-Stamm-Campus, Inage: ari
Volleyball at the university sport grounds, Image: ari
Volleyball at the university sport grounds, Image: ari
Georg-Schmidt-Technikum at the City Campus, Image: Chris Liebold
Georg-Schmidt-Technikum at the City Campus, Image: Chris Liebold
Humboldtbuilding during Freshersweek, Image: Jens Hauspurg
Humboldtbuilding during Introductory, Image: Jens Hauspurg
FASP Cave, Image: TU Ilmenau
FASP Cave, Image: TU Ilmenau
Research platform OTA, Image: ari (Michael Reichel)
Research platform OTA, Image: ari (Michael Reichel)