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Going Out

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Going abroad

+ + + News ERASMUS cooperation & Indonesia: Applications for a semester abroad for the winter semester 2020/2021 can be submitted till 10 February 2020, applications for the summer semester 2021 till 11 September 2020 + + +

+ + + News worldwide cooperation: Applications for a semester abroad for the summer semester 2020 can be submitted till 15 January 2020, applications for the winter semester 2020/2021 till 15 June 2019 + + +

Why should you go abroad?

Why should you go abroad? Are there any good reasons?
Indeed, there are many good reasons to spend some time of your major abroad:

Academic competencies:

  • Improve language competencies fast and effectively
  • Enhancement of your academic career
  • Get an insight to other course-related modules
  • Get ideas for future academic papers (e.g. Bachelor or Master thesis) 

Personal competencies:

  • Improve your independence
  • Understand other cultures and cultivate an openness for other ways of thinking 
  • International contacts & friendships
  • time for self-reflection

Learning, living, travelling, finding new friends and discovering new things – all that is waiting for you by using the international offer of the Department of Economic Sciences and Media. 

What are your opportunities for going abroad?

Europe and worldwide

The department offers a diverse range of possibilities to go abroad. The faculty offers many cooperation to Europe and worldwide.

The most frequently used programme for going abroad in Europe is the ERASMUS+-programme. More about ERASMUS+ can be found here or on the website of the International Office

Bachelor or Master

It is possible to study abroad during your Bachelor and/or during your Master. The department has partnerships for all its courses for both – Bachelor and Master. It should be checked, whether a cooperation is offered for both degrees or for a specific degree. This can be examined on side of the course-specific offer-overview

Semester Abroad

The most common way to study in another country is a semester abroad.
Therefore you take part in the daily university life at another university for the time of one semester (regardless if it is winter semester or summer semester). The institute, department or university agreed on cooperation contracts with these universities abroad. Every university cooperation offers a similar course to the one you are studying in Ilmenau. Have a look at the page of the cooperation with universities abroad and get to know your possibilities.

Double Degree Bachelor and Master

A very modern and special kind of studying abroad is the Double Degree for Bachelor or Master. The Double Degree offers the advantageous chance to study at two universities (TU Ilmenau and the cooperating university) and get a degree each from both. That results finishing your studies with two degrees (Bachelor or Master).

For the Double Degree, you would spend about one or more semesters at the partner university. This kind of studying holds many professional and academical advantages.

The department EM offers two Double Degrees:

Double Degree Bachelor in China for Business Engineers

Double Degree Master in Russia for students of Media Economics and Business Informatics

Placement Abroad

Gather work and life experience abroad: There is no better access to this than a placement abroad during your study.

You can find more information about doing a placement in another country here

Commitment pays off!

Your favourite country is not included in the cooperation list or you would like to study another subject abroad? Or you may have a certain university in mind that you want to study at abroad.

The International Office and the WM International team endeavour to support your vision. If you have an idea that would enrich the foreign relations of the faculty, please contact the International Office of the WM International team and discuss your idea.