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+ + + News ERASMUS cooperation & Indonesia: Applications for a semester abroad for the winter semester 2020/2021 can be submitted till 10 February 2020, applications for the summer semester 2021 till 11 September 2020 + + +

+ + + News worldwide & European (without ERASMUS+ contract) cooperation: Applications for a semester abroad for the summer semester 2020 can be submitted till 15 January 2020, applications for the winter semester 2020/2021 till 15 June 2020 + + +

Selection Process

A selection panel of the department EM for ERASMUS+-cooperation and Indonesia examines the application documents. Applicants could be invited for a personal interview with the selection panel. The selection panel informs all applicants as soon as possible about their decision. Later applications will be considered when the panel is not able to fill all positions for a cooperation. Applications are examined by the order of submission.

Selection Panel

The selection panel for this semester consists of the following persons. They are delighted to help you in case you have questions.

Dr. Andreas Schwarz
Head of Group for Research in PR & Communication of Technology.

N. N. 

N. N.

Who is entitled to participate?

Every student of the department, who  has successfully passed at least two Bachelor semesters is entitled to participate in the exchange programme. Master students can apply with the start of the first semester.
In exceptional cases, applicants from other study courses can be considered.


Step One: Application Documents for all Applicants

The application includes:

  1. Letter of motivation: A short explanation for the wish of studying abroad. Please consider: Indicate a second and third preference in order to increase your chances of going abroad.

  2. Curriculum Vitae

  3. Latest transcript of courses with grades

  4. Certificates/references of internships, volunteer dedication, etc. (if applicable)

  5. Copy of graduation diploma (A-levels/ “Abitur”)

  6. Proof of language skills that are necessary for the country. Please alsdo always prove your English skills additionaly to the other language required. (Proof by tests or certificates)
  7. Statement of agreement for publishing name and e-mail address on the internet

Applications for worldwide & European (except cooperation with ERASMUS+ contract) cooperation (except Indonesia) need to be submitted to the International Office. Please register for your application at the Mobility Online Database on this webpage. The International Office also informs about the available cooperation positions. After choosing a certain number of exchange students, the International Office gives its feedback of candidates to the Department EM.

Applications for ERASMUS cooperation and cooperation with UPH Indonesia need to be submitted to the office of the Group for Research in PR and Communication of Technology. WM International gives a feedback of its chosen candidates to the ERASMUS+ team of the International Office.

Important Information! 
It is recommended to inform yourself early about possible courses and their recognition abroad. More information can be found on the following page: Anerkennung von im Ausland erbrachten Leistungen.

Step Two: Only for ERASMUS Applicants

All applicants for the ERASMUS+-programme need to submit a registration form  to the International Office (Akademisches Auslandsamt, Building G, Room 1310) of the university in addition to their application.

For further information please contact Mrs. Petra Schmolinsky.
You can find additional information on the application, the registration form and ERASMUS-SOKRATES partnerships on the website of the International Office of the university.

Step Three: Experience Report

After the semester abroad it is required to submit an experience report. This report can be based on a report example or can be handed in as a weblog, video, photo album (digital), homepage or the like. 

You can get some inspiration for your experience report from the following checklist: Checkliste Erfahrungsbericht


Contact Application Submission

ERASMUS-Application & Cooperation with UPH Indonesia

Group for Research in Public Relations & Communication of Technology
Ehrenbergstraße 29 (EAZ)
Room EAZ 2326
Philipp Jahn


Worldwide & European (without ERASMUS+ contract) Application

International Office
Max-Planck-Ring 14
House G, Room 1290
Corinna Wedekind

Application Documents Faculty

Letter of Motivation with brief description of first, second and third wish of studying abroad

 Curriculum Vitae

 Latest Transcript of Courses

 Additional certificates (placements, volunteer work)

Copy of Graduation Diploma (A-level/Abitur)

Proof of Language English & other needed languages

 Statement of agreement

 Registration Mobility Online-Database (worldwide)

Application Documents ERASMUS+

ERASMUS+ Registration formula, which can be found on the ERASMUS+-page of the International Office

 Latest Certificate of Enrolment

 Latest Transcript of Courses

Proof of Language (required for classes)

More about the ERASMUS+ -application here.