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Double Degree Bachelor China

Tongji Zhejiang College
Jiaxing, China

Bachelor of Management

Technical University of Ilmenau
Thuringia, Germany

Bachelor of Science

+++ Application Deadline: Applications for the Double Degree Bachelor China can be submitted till 30th November for the start in the summer semester in the following year. +++

What is a Double Degree Bachelor?

A very modern and special kind of studying abroad is the Double Degree for Bachelor. The Double Degree Bachelor offers the advantageous chance to study at two universities (TU Ilmenau and the Tongji Zhejiang College) and get a degree each from both. That results into finishing your studies with two Bachelor degrees.
Therefore you would spend the sixth semester and the practical semester at the Tongji Zhejiang College. The Double Degree Bachelor finishes with the bachelor thesis that will be supervised by one professor of the TU Ilmenau and one professor from THZ.

Advantages of a Double Degree Bachelors in China

  • Two Bachelor degrees
  • Enhancement of international (& academic) contacts
  • Improvement of language skills (integrated language courses)
  • International experience
  • Further development of an intercultural awareness
  • Improved chances for a Master course in Germany or China
  • Improved chances on the job market in Germany and China


After a study of 5 semesters, German students will go to China extending the duration of the study to 7 semesters (210 credits). At least two semesters have to be spent at the partner university. The 6th semester encompasses a block of compulsory courses comprising 30 credits; relevant courses will be defined and announced annually. During the 7th semester, they have to attend their internship in a company in Shanghai, Jiaxing or another city in the Zhejiang province.
The bachelor thesis can be also done during this semester (in China or in Germany), it has to be written in German or English. The bachelor thesis will be jointly supervised by one professor from each partner university (TU Ilmenau, Tongji Zhejiang College).

Chinese students will have to study 4 semesters Industrial Management before they are continuing their study of additional 4 semesters in Germany. Their obligatory internship has to be passed in a German company after the 6th semester. The bachelor thesis has to be done in Germany (written in German or Englisch). It will also be jointly supervised by one professor from TU Ilmenau and TZC or Tongji University.


In the following you can find the structure of the curriculum:

Curriculum Double Degree Bachelor
Curriculum Double Degree Bachelor

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for students of TU Ilmenau:

  • at least five semesters studied in Industrial Engineering and Management
  • Average grade of 2.5
  • Proof of language competence in English or Chinese
    • English: TOEFL 550 points or IELTS with grade 6
    • Chinese: Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi/HSK


Admission requirements for students of TZC:

  • At least four successful semesters of a bachelor study in Management (Average grade of 3.0)
  • Proof of language competence in German:
    • TestDaF
    • Successful DSH (grade 2)

Their admission regularly will happen at the beginning of 5th semester.

Until when is it possible to apply?

German students studying Industrial engineering and management have to do their application till the end of the second month of their 5th semester. It is recommended that all examinations are finished before switching to China to start the work on Bachelor thesis without an interruption and a return to Germany.

Application Procedure & Application Documents


  1. Application till 30th November submitted to the Examination Office or the program coordinator
  2. Communication of the approval in the following month (December)
  3. Beginning of the course of study in the summer semester of the following year.
  4. Bachelor thesis in the following winter semester.


The following documents have to be submitted:

  • Degree certificate or overview of grades
  • Verification of sufficient language skills
    • English: TOEFL with 550 points, IELTS grade 6
    • Chinese: HSK Mittelstufe
  • Curriculum Vitae with study focus, practical experience, non-university engagement, language skills
  • Motivational letter

Curriculum vitae containing remarks on practical experiences and non-university activities.

Financial Support

It is reasonable to think about applying for AuslandsBAföG or a scholarship for the time abroad. You can find an overview of the possibilities to finance a stay abroad here

Further Information

Further information can be found on the official course side of the faculty. There you can get access to the Moodle-platform for the Double Degree Bachelor, where you will find more information and a forum to ask open questions. 

Tongji Zhejiang College

TZC is an independent college of Tongji University for full-time undergraduate education, 50 % of the staff are from Tongji University. Every year, the college recruits undergraduate students from 20 provinces (cities) nationwide. Currently, there are more than 10,500 full-time students enrolled.
Today the college offers 26 majors focusing on the academic fields of Engineering, Natural Science and Management. Relations to and projects with German universities are coordinated by the Chinesisch-Deutsches Zentrum.

TZC is located in Jiaxing, one of the major cities of the Zhejiang Province, a distance of about 85 kilometres to Shanghai to the north and Hangzhou to the south. Jiaxing is a well-developed and fast-growing city with a population of currently about 3.6 m inhabitants. Main Industries encompass textile industry, automotive industry and electrical industry. The town is also well known for the silk that is produced ("City of silk") and its cultural traditions.
Zhejiang Province is located in the south-east of China. With a population of approx. 55 mill inhabitants, the Zhejiang Province is among China's most prosperous regions. Capital and largest city is Hangzhou with approx. 5 mill inhabitants. Serving as a major hub in China, with five highways crossing, five airports and several sea ports within a radius of 200 km, the Hangzhou region attracts investors from around the globe. The Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba is located in Hangzhou. Currently, more than 400 German companies are operating in Hangzhou and the Zhejiang Province, e. g., Robert Bosch GmbH, TÜV Nord or Deutsche Mechatronics GmbH.

Pictures are from the website of the TZC.

Student Accommodations
Student Accommodations
Library (inside)
Library (inside)
Student Cafeteria
Student Cafeteria

Study programme for...

The Double Degree Bachelor in China is made for Business Engineering Bachelor students.


Prof. Dr. Joachim Weyand
Programme Coordinator

Susanne Würfel
Referent for Education

Du Weizi
Director International School Tongji Zhejiang College

Please consider to arrange a personal meeting in case you are interested in the Double Degree Bachelor.

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