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Double Degree Master Russia

St. Petersburg State University

Master of Science

Technical University of Ilmenau
Thuringia, Germany

Master of Science

+++ Application Deadline: Applications for the Double Degree Master in Russia can be submitted till 20th April for the start in the following winter semester. +++

What is a Double Degree Master?

A very modern and special kind of studying abroad it the Double Degree for Master. The Double Degree Master offers the advantageous chance to study at two universities (TU Ilmenau and the St. Petersburg State University (SPSU)) and get a degree each from both. That results into finishing your studies with two Master degrees.
Therefore you would spend the third semester at the SPSU. The Double Degree Master finishes with the master thesis that will be supervised by one professor of the TU Ilmenau and one professor from SPSU.

Advantages of a Double Degree Master in Russia

  • Two Master degrees
  • Enhancement of international (& academic) contacts
  • Improvement of language skills (integrated language courses)
  • International experience at an elite university
  • Further development of an intercultural awareness
  • Improved chances for an academic position in Germany or Russia
  • Improved chances on the job market in Germany and Russia

Curriculum & Credit Points

  • 1. & 2.Master semester at TU Ilmenau
  • 3. Semester (winter semester) at SPSU (01.09. – 25.12. lecture period, 26.12. – 30.01. exam period)
  • 4. Semester: Master thesis at TU Ilmenau (supervisor from TU Ilmenau and SPSU)

24 credit points need to be earned at SPSU to be qualified for the Double Degree. 

Majoring at SPSU

The modules of the third master semester will be completed at the SPSU in Russia.

Media Economic students will be majoring in “Ekonomika firmui” (“Company Economics”).
Business Informatics students will be majoring in “Bisness-Informatika” (“Business Informatics”).
 Various modules can be chosen within the certain major from the special curriculum of the SPSU. To get an overview of the latest version of the special curriculum we advise to get in contact with the responsible contact person.
24 credit points need to be earned at SPSU to be qualified for the Double Degree. 

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for TU Ilmenau students:

  • Successful Bachelor degree (Media Economics of Business Informatics) from the TU Ilmenau
  • Proof of Russian language skills:
    • Language skills are not tied to a special course level, but they should be advanced enough to master lectures and exams at SPSU as well as the required application documents that need to be prepared for the SPSU application
    • Language skills can be improved with a VHS-course, language courses at TU Ilmenau (free!), by practising with Russian classmates, etc.

Until when is it possible to apply?

Media Economics and Business Informatics master students can apply until the 20th April (begin second master semester) for the start in the following winter semester.

Please be aware that an application is not only handed in at the faculty Economic Science and Media at TU Ilmenau, but also at the SPSU in Russia. 

Application Procedure & Application Documents


  1. Submitting the application until 20th April to the selection panel of the TU Ilmenau (see contact) and to the selection panel at SPSU
  2. The applications will be carefully examined by the selection panel at TU Ilmenau and SPSU: TU Ilmenau will inform the applications about the admission until end of April, SPSU until begin of June
  3. Start of the semester abroad in the following winter semester
  4. Master thesis in the following semester at TU Ilmenau

The following documents need to be submitted to the selection panel at TU Ilmenau (till 20th April):

  • Meaningful application
  • Copy of the Bachelor certificate (if not available: transcription of Bachelor courses)

The following documents need to be submitted to the selection panel at SPSU (till 20th April):

  • Meaningful motivational letter in Russian
  • Letter of recommendation from one of the professors at the faculty WM in Ilmenau
  • Certificate of enrolment
  • Original Bachelor certificate
  • Copy and translation of the bachelor certificate with accreditation (Apostille stamp of the responsible foreign office)
  • Short description (2-3 pages) of the Bachelor thesis in Russian

Financial Support

It is reasonable to think about applying for AuslandsBAföG or a scholarship for the time abroad. You can find an overview of the possibilities to finance a stay abroad here. Special scholarships for studying in Russia are offered, like the Go-East scholarship of the DAAD. The selection panel at TU Ilmenau also recommends getting informed about the financial support of the friends’association of the faculty and of the TU Ilmenau.
An overview of possible financial support for going abroad can be found here

Further Information

Further Information can be found on the official source page of the faculty for Media Economics and Business Informatics. A very detailed presentation about the Double Degree Master can be found on the page. 

St. Petersburg State University

The St. Petersburg State University (SPSU) is one of the top universities in Russia and with its 290 years the oldest as well. Founded in 1724 by Peter the Great, it has now over 32.00 students, of whom 5.000 are Master students. Their alumni community include many famous personalities like Nobel laureates and politicians. Even today the SPSU is a defining figure in the university landscape in Russia.
The SPSU is famous for its excellent research and education reputation as well as for its active student culture and strong international relationships. Over 3.000 international students benefit from the extensive course offer, modules and networks.

St. Petersburg is worldwide known for its historical and political significance. Today it the second biggest city in Russia and famous for its propinquity to European countries and its industrial strength. Because of its beauty and proximity to the ocean, it is called “Venice of the North”.
More than five million inhabitants live in St. Petersburg, which makes it the fourth biggest city in Europe. Despite their size living costs are similar to those in Ilmenau.

Study Programme for...

The Double Degree Master in Russia is made for Media Economics and Business Informatics Master students.


Mrs. Prof. Dr. Kerstin Pezoldt:

Mr. Prof. Dr. Volker Nissen:

Mr. Prof. Dr. Dirk Stelzer:

Mrs. Susanne Würfel:

Please consider to arrange a personal meeting in case you are interested in the Double Degree Master.

Learning Russian!

The language institute offers the possibility to learn Russian for free!