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50 Years of BZgA

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50 Years of BZgA

Prof. Döring Holds Talk at the Anniversary Conference

The Federal Centre for Health Education BZgA celebrated its 50th anniversary in July, 2017. The awareness campaigns of the last decades were effective, even though the film spots from the 1960ies often bring smirks to the faces of nowadays audiences: “50 Years of BZgA - a Cinematic Journey” (approx. 9 min.)

During the anniversary conference, the participants reflected on the past, but also looked into the future. In her talk on the Future of Health Communication, Prof. Dr. Nicola Döring, Research Group Media Psychology and Media Design, suggested that the BZgA should develop its engagement in digital media in the future. The BZgA already operates several informative websites, but is still underrepresented in the realm of social media (e.g., YouTube).