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Four years Ceramics and its Dimensions

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Four years Ceramics and its Dimensions

Final words

"Four years ago we started together our project Ceramics and its Dimensions.

It was a busy time with many events, big challenges, new experiences and insights. It was a very interesting, demanding, energetic, educational, and intense time. For me it was a great pleasure to work with you all and to master the most diverse challenges together with you.

And together we have achieved great results and created things that will accompany us for many years to build on.

Thank you all very, very much for the great cooperation we had during the last four years! I have enjoyed the work with you very much.

I would be very happy if we could keep in touch, and I hope for many new possibilities to work together and to continue our cooperation.

All the best



Dr. Jana Göbel
Head of the Department Scientific Projects, Lifestyle