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Mobile TV journalism with the smartphone

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Mobile TV journalism with the smartphone

Students of the workshop "Mobile Reporting" filming at the pottery market (foto: Irina Tribusean)

Students while working (foto: Irina Tribusean)

Instructor Bernd Rasem answering questions and giving advice (foto: Irina Tribusean)

Be aware, reporters! During the next several weeks you can see in and around Ilmenau students with an iPhones and a microphone, looking like real Mojos – „Mobile Journalists“. For the second time, 16 bachelor students will produce a complete HD-quality TV-news, using only an iPhone, a microphone and two apps.

The first workshop “Mobile Reporting”, offered last winter semester, was a success, proven not just by a high quality of delivered videos, but also by the high number of students willing to join the course, offered again in this summer semester. The interest of the students was also shared at the level of the Institute of Media and Communication Science (IfMK) and the Department of Media and Economics, who decided to buy some new iPhones and suitable microphones for the further development of the workshop.

With a total of eight fully equipped iPhones, the 16 participants worked in groups of two and had more time to not only learn the theoretical principles of a TV-news production, but also to practice using the apps "FilmicPro" and "Lumafusion". The progress was already visible on the second day of the seminar, when the students worked “on the field” and produced a short video about the pottery market, which took place in Ilmenau on Saturday, the 4th of May.
The videos can be seen here:

Now the exercises are over and the real work starts: during the next two months, each group will choose a topic and will produce a video of around three minutes. Bernd Rasem, television reporter at NDR, and Irina Tribusean, research associate in the Media Studies Research Group, both lecturers of the workshop, are sure that there will be some very interesting video to watch in July. Let’s see!