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IfMK cooperation with BOSCH

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IfMK cooperation with BOSCH

Media students create global campaign for factory of the future and industry 4.0

This summer semester, students of the master program Media and Communication Science at Ilmenau University of Technology will work together with Robert Bosch GmbH. In a seminar on International Public Relations, led by Dr. Andreas Schwarz, the participants create a global communication campaign for the 400,000 employees of the company worldwide. Increasing automation in industrial manufacturing, the introduction of robotic systems and artificial intelligence are increasingly causing worries and uncertainty among employees. The campaign will focus on informing employees about the changes at Bosch, which these new technologies will bring and the importance of these changes for associates. The students will also be supervised by Alexander Fritsch, himself a graduate of the Technische Universität Ilmenau, who has been working at Bosch as a communication manager for internal communication since 2010 and who is an expert in change communications and Industry 4.0.

The seminar participants have founded small and competing communication agencies, which are working on their concepts. In April, the students visited the Bosch plant in Nuremberg to experience Industry 4.0 and industrial robots in action. On 11 July, the young agencies will present their concepts to a jury of communications experts (including Bosch and the TU Ilmenau) in a pitch with real-life conditions. The students in the seminar come from more than ten countries worldwide and adapt their concepts to special target regions in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

The lecturers Dr. Andreas Schwarz and Elisabeth Wagner-Olfermann from the Group for Research in Public Relations and Communication of Technology are responsible for the supervision at the TU Ilmenau. Schwarz is currently establishing communication about artificial intelligence (AI) as a new research focus. In the current seminar with Bosch, the central topics of public relations and AI communication are linked in an applied way.


Dr. Andreas Schwarz, Head of Research Group (Managing Director) in Public Relations and Communication of Technology
Faculty of Economics and Media
Technische Universität Ilmenau

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