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Bachelor's program "Applied Media and Communication Studies"

You are interested in …

  • the conception, design and analysis of media products?
  • the development, configuration and evaluation of various media products?
  • an interdisciplinary oriented study that integrates perspectives from communication science as well as from media technology and media economics?
  • a study that links applied and theoretical learning content?
  • in the research of media-based communication processes?

The study course „Applied Media and Communication Studies“ offers you a socio-scientific academic study. Heart of the study is the so-called „Ilmenauer Modell“. This model is characterized by the integration of contents from communication science, media technology and media economics. Goal of the interdisciplinary curriculum is to impart theoretical, methodological and applied knowledge to prepare you for different kinds of professions in the field of communication.

Essential parts of the curriculum are periods in your education that are realized in cooperation with media companies and other organizations. Of course, the core of your academic study is the scientific qualification. But we also think it's very important that you achieve instrumental abilities, e.g. the handling of modern media technologies.