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Entrance Requirements

Before you apply, please take note of the formal prerequisites, which we expect the students of the Master's programme to fulfill, in order to be able to ensure that the course of study stays on a high level.


General formal requirements

Please find the relevant information for studying in a German Master programme here: Link

General formal requirements in detail

Prerequisite for your admittance to our Master's programme is to have a first-level college degree in the field of media and communications, which were obtained during the standard period of study. Every semester is usually calculated with 30 ECTS-credits.

In addition, you need to submit evidence of your English language proficiency with a minimum level of C1. You find further detailed information on accepted certificates and minimum scores in our FAQs.

Please note that the Master's course of study encompasses three semesters or a total of 90 ECTS-credits. If you completed a Bachelor's degree programme in six semesters or 180 ECTS-credits, it is necessary for you to acquire the "missing" 30 ECTS-credits by completing an internship or additional seminars at Ilmenau University of Technology. The formal background of this rule is that a Master's degree may only be attained by completing 300 ECTS-credits. This formality offers you a chance to catch up in specific areas, for instance, if you completed your studies at a different university or in a different field.

That means, that

  • students with a Bachelor's degree based on 7 semesters or 210 ECTS-credits are eligible to enroll in our Master's programme, provided that you successfully undergo the application procedure.
  • students with a Bachelor's degree based on 6 semesters or 180 ECTS-credits must be able to provide proof of having additionally completed 30 ECTS-credits at least and successfully undergo the application procedure in order to be eligible to enroll in our Master's programme. These additional ECTS-credits (e.g. professional experience admissible as internship or completion of additional courses, which exceed the required scope or your Bachelor's programme curriculum) will be evaluated for accreditation purposes in an interview during the first week.
  • the Institut of Media and Communication Science (Institut für Medien- und Kommunikationswissenschaft / IfMK) offers any students who are not able to provide proof of having completed external course work that amount to at least 30 ECTS-credits (e.g. additional internships or additional courses, which exceed the required scope or your bachelor's programme curriculum) but have successfully undergone the application procedure, the opportunity to acquire the necessary ECTS-credits at Ilmenau University of Technology. Together with you we will prepare a curriculum that is suited to your individual requirements so that you may fulfill the prerequisites for successfully completing the Master's programme. Once you have these additional ECTS-credits, you will be admitted to the Master's programme without having to submit your application packet again for review.

Specific technical requirements

The following skills are especially important for the programme and during the admission procedure:

  • Broad knowledge about theories of media and communication (e.g., communication theories, mass communication, media effects, journalism, PR, etc.)
  • Skills in the application of empirical research methods both qualitative and/or quantitative (e.g., survey, content analysis, semi-structured interviews, etc.) as well as data analysis (e.g., statistical data analysis with SPSS)
  • Interdisciplinary background and willingness to take part in interdisciplinary research
  • International experience (studies, internships abroad)
  • Relevant professional experience in communications and media practice

Required Application Documents

Application Link:

Application Deadlines:

  • You should apply for your studies right in time. The visa formalities, which have to be considered by almost all applicants, might require about three months. Therefore, we suggest applying by 15 April (for the winter semester) and 15 October (for the summer semester) if you do not live in Germany yet.

Application Documents:

  • secondary school transcript
  • Proof of a relevant Bachelor's degree / first university degree or proof of enrollment in a Bachelor's degree programme, transcript of grades and certificates already obtained
  • Detailed CV / resume, including certificates and other credentials
  • Proof of English language proficiency (minimum C1 level)
  • Personal letter of motivation (1 page)
  • Brief exposé for a possible research paper which concentrates on the subject matter of the programme of study (2-3 pages)
  • an up-to-date colour photograph for your student identity card (chip card) (35x45 mm) including your name
  • if you have already completed / are completing a degree, a current
    degree certificate and/or a 'removal from the register of students
    certificate' should be included.

Make sure that you submit all the required documents, since the first stage of your application is based on the evaluation of the documents you submit.

Applicant Profile

Admittance to the Master's programme is based on selecting talented, interesting and motivated individuals.

Although applicants should be from the field of study, but we do attach great importance to a heterogeneous, international mix of students in our Master's programme. Innovations and international research are especially successful in an environment, where qualified graduates with Bachelor's degrees in different fields of studies in media and communication science have to work together with newcomers from other related courses of studies and motivated media professionals.

An aptitude assessment committee will review your documents in order to get an impression of your skills and personality. Using an established score system, the applicants are evaluated on various criteria.

  • Applicant's skills and educational background in media/communication science
  • Final grades obtained in Bachelor's programme
  • Applicant's eligibility based on professional experience and internships in the fields of media/communication

The study regulations describe these criteria in detail. Those regulations and a detailed list of criteria that are to be evaluated are available for download.

Your exposé and letter of motivation should assist the committee in getting a better idea of who you are and should not be considered as self-serving. Take this opportunity to highlight your personality and relevant skills by making sure that your letter of motivation focuses mainly on the points that are listed under specific technical requirements.


Application Procedure

The admission process involves five stages, after we receive your documents in due time:

  1. Stage: Application evaluation
    • Screening of your application documents
    • Evaluation of your application based on the criteria and point system established in the study regulations (Max. 120 points can be awarded)

  2. Stage: Initial decision
    The evaluation is followed by either:
    • Direct admission to the master's programme (at least 70 points)
    • Invitation to a personal interview (at least 50 points) or
    • Rejection (50 points and below)

  3. Stage: Personal interview
    Invitation of all applicants who achieved at least 50 points in the first stage. During the approx. 30-minute-long conversation, we address your specific subject-related skills in order to find out whether you fulfill the prerequisites or will be able to acquire the essential prerequisites, if possible, at the Ilmenau University of Technology.

  4. Stage: Second decision
    Based on the personal interview, you will either receive:
    • Letter of admission to the master's programme without requirements
    • Letter of admission to the master's programme with requirements
    • Letter of admission to Academic Preparatory Course (APC)
    • Letter of rejection

  5. Stage: Official announcement
    You receive the letter of admission or rejection (application portal).