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The period of examination for the winter semester 19/20 starts on February, 17th and ends on March, 14th (examinations for courses of the winter semester) and the period of re-examination lasts from March, 18th up to March, 31th (re-examination for courses of the summer semester).

The most recent examination dates for the summer semester 2019 are listed in the course catalogue of the TU Ilmenau which can be found here.

The rules of the exam organization can be found in § 14 of the master examination regulation in the section “general conditions”.

Participation in each examination requires an application for approval from the examination office in advance. The registration can be done by using the thoska-card. The registration period for written examinations starts on January, 8th and ends on January, 22th 2020

All examinations and written tests you were unable to register with your thoska-card (specialization modules or examinations with additional constraints) can be registered with this form. Please fill in the form and send in to the examination office in time.

You can cancel your examination up to four days prior to the examination date without giving reasons. The cancellation can be done by electronically by using the thosca-card as well.

The possibility of a free trail is regulated in paragraphs § 20 of the master examination regulation. Passed examinations can be repeated once for improving the grade. The registration for an examination as free trial must be done in written form not later than to end of the registration deadline at the examination office (Form “Free trial”).

If students cancel their examination after the cancellation notice period or after the start of the examination the examination will be considered as failed. It is also considered as failed if the student misses the examination date – refer to § 21, (1).

Each failed examination can be repeated once. The second repetition of an examination is possible in three cases in the master program.The repetition of an examination is to be carried out within the following two semesters (period for repetition).

In case of cancellation or absence due to illness, the student has to hand in the form Cancellation due to illness and a doctor's certificate attesting the inability to participate in the examination to the examination office  immediately.

If you have further questions do not hesitate to contact our colleagues at the examination office.