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Master of Science in Electrochemistry and Electroplating

Electrochemistry plays a major role wherever electric charges have to overcome interfaces. Graduates of this study program examine the mechanisms of such events and develop resulting strategies for designing economical and sustainable processes.
The master programmme is unique in Germany and focuses on a comprehensive understanding of electrochemical events. Students gain profound experiences in the field of Electrochemical Surface Technology and Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion.

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Course Structure

The course is devided into four semesters. The first three semesters contain a mix of mandatory and optional modules.

Mandatory modules are for example:

  • Chemistry and Analytics
  • Numerical Simulation in Electroprocessing Technologies
  • Electrochemical Interfaces
  • Surface Finishing and eElectroplating
  • Applied Electroplating
  • Renewable Energies and Storage Technology
  • Batteries and Fuel Cells

Optional modules can be interdisciplinary technical oder non-technical subjects. One such module is materials science, which provides students with a deeper understanding of materials and their characteristics.

The last semester contains a project that can be completed with an industry partner. Furthermore students will write their master thesis in the fourth semester. This can also be achieved with an industry partner.

Industry Focus

The course was developed in cooperation with the German Zentralverband für Oberflächentechnik (ZVO). This organisation represents the intrests and needs of companies working in this sector. Therefore ragular contact to industry partner is maintained.

Experts from the industry offer students insights into current research as well as advances in development. Furthermore, students profit from industry contacts for their projects and master thesis.

The university actively supports internships and collaboration with the industry.

Course Detail

Degree: Master of Science

Duration: 4 semester

Start: every year in October


Language requirements: Since the course is taught in German, students need evidence of profeciency in German (level C1 or equivalent).

Prospective student should have a Bachelor's degree in material science or material engineering. Equivalent degrees in teh areas of natural science, engineering or technology are eligable as well.