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The group for Inorganic-Nonmetallic Materials offers courses for Materials Science and Engineering and many other Bachelor and Master study programs. Student Projects, bachelor and master theses are planned to be part of one of our running research projects. We also offer teaching activities for pupils.

Topics of the teaching program are glassy and ceramic materials, their production, properties and applications. Raw materials, ecological aspect of processing and recycling are also included.

Based on fundamental knowledge on relations between structure and properties of materials and on process technology students learn how to develop new materials for future fields of application.

-  Current topics of specializing lectures are e.g.
  application of magnet-fluiddynamic methods
magnetic fine powders
microstructuring glass and ceramics
optical materials
biocompatible materials

Within the Master study program of Materials Science and Engineering, one year can be spent at the Pontificia Universidad Catòlica del Peru in Lima to graduate with a double degree Lima/Ilmenau