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Department of Inorganic-Nonmetallic Materials

headerphoto Department of Inorganic-Nonmetallic Materials
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Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Edda Rädlein

Phone 03677 69-2801

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Material technology

- various inert gas, melting, sintering and annealing furnaces to 1800
      + special melting apparatus for electromagnetic processing of glass melts
      + special melting equipment with high-speed quenching equipment
- different ball mills, equipment for grinding and measuring particle sizes
- glass drawing equipment
- hydrofluoric acid laboratory

Surface measuring technology

- stylus profiler  (roughness, layer thickness, topography)
- scratch tester
- atomic force microscope

Chemical and physical properties

- hydrolytic class
- thermal Analysis (expansion, transformation range, crystallization)
- high-temperature  rotational viscometer
- density determination by pycnometer method
- mechanical, electric, magnetic and chemical properties

Optical properties

- UV/VIS/IR photospectrometer
- different light and polarizing microscopes
- Haze Meter (scattered light)

Structural analysis

-  X-ray diffraction XRD and scanning electron microscopy SEM (present in the Institute)