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Main research areas

Theory and Praxis of Journalism

The research group deals with the empirical analysis and theoretical description of preconditions, structures and functions of journalism.

Key aspects are:

  • Online-Journalism
  • Social theoretical depiction of Journalism
  • News selection


Strategic Communication and Public Relations

The research focuses on the conditions and impact of the interest-led communication of organizations, especially:

  • Public Relations
  • Security policy communication
  • Public Diplomacy


War and crisis communication

The research group studies the public and organizational communication processes in crisis contexts, focusing specifically on:

  • the analysis of national and international crisis news coverage about wars, terrorism, organizational crises, pandemics and natural disasters
  • the internal and external communication before, during and after crises
  • the relationships between various socially relevant institutions (political, military and media), and their perceptions


International communication and Public Diplomacy

Within the framework of empirical research, the conditions, structures and functions of media-based statements are compared internationally, as well as with regard to the globalization of journalism, public relations and organizational communication. Key aspects are:

  • Public Diplomacy
  • International public relations of companies, NGOs und IGOs
  • International comparison of media coverage


Range of services

  • Conception and organization of Workshops and conferences on journalism, crisis communication,
    Public Diplomacy and international communication, respectively
  • Counseling of organizations regarding the conception and organization of communication processes and communication structures in crisis contexts and in an international environment
  • Conception and implementation of surveys, e.g. image and reputational analysis, evaluation of campaigns
  • Conception and carrying out of content analysis, .g. social media monitoring, media impact analysis
  • Conceptual support and support during the development of, among others, Web appearances, magazines, and brochures


Special equipment

  • Training editorial department with computer workplaces