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Automation Engineering

Due to the closure of the buildings of TU Ilmenau and the start of the emergency operating plan, the employees of the university are only present to secure emergency operations. All contact is by e-mail. Relevant information can be found on the departmental website.

Once you have registered yourself with the University Thoska System, please register for the take-home examinations for Winter Semester 2020/21 as follows:

a) for the course AT.415 Fuzzy and Neuro Control, please contact Dr. Fred Roß (e-mail:;

b) for the courses AT.215 Automation Engineering, AT.325 System Identification, and AT.504 Discrete Event Systems, please contact Yuri Shardt (e-mail:;

c) for the course AT.525 Hybrid Systems, please contact Aouss Gabash (e-mail:;

d) for the Research Seminar, please contact Yuri Shardt (e-mail:; and

e) for Bachelor’s and Master’s theses, please send your university transcripts and, for external theses, a copy of the proposed work to Yuri Shardt (e-mail:


Automation Engineering focuses on developing solutions for the diagnosis, observation, control, and prediction of automated and automation-based systems.


Professor Yuri A.W. Shardt, P.Eng. (AB)
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