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Distributed Systems and Operating Systems Group

Once being an elitist feature of highly specialized systems, security properties of IT-systems has long since become a key issue in almost every application area. Vital areas of our society–energy and water supply, traffic, health and finance management, production, administration, research and development–highly depend on the security, safety and reliability of our computer systems.

Security and safety of operating systems and distributed IT systems are our research areas; our research topics are. We are convinced that in view of the amount and complexity of today’s security requirements new design methods and implementation paradigms are called for, and made this the topic of our work. In detail, we focus on

  • Model-based security engineering: a systematic approach to develop security properties of IT systems based on formal security models
  • Analysis, simulation and visualization of security policies and models
  • Security architectures for integrating formal security models into the trusted computing base of operating systems.