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Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Matthias Kriesell


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  1. Good orientations of 2T-graphs, with J. Bang-Jensen, S. Bessy, and J. Huang, arXiv:1903.10287, submitted.

  2. Threshold colorings of prisms and the Petersen graph, with G. Fijavz, arXiv:1608.02332, submitted.

  3. On minimal graphs containing k perfect matchings, with G. Fijavz, arXiv:1608.01445, submitted.

  4. Large connected dominating matchings in K3-free K2,3-free graphs, IMADA Preprint PP-2009-06, submitted.

  5. Tutte orientability, nowhere zero 3-flows, and claw decompositions of squares and lexicographic products, IMADA Preprint PP-2008-15, submitted.

  6. Orientations with prescribed outdegrees mod 3 of graphs where every edge is on some short cycles, IMADA Preprint PP-2008-14, submitted.