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apl. Prof. Dr. Thomas Böhme

wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Phone 03677 69 3613

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Curriculum Vitae

Thomas Böhme (email:


1999 Dr.rer.nat.habil. (Habilitation) in Mathematics, TU Ilmenau (Germany)

1988 Dr.rer.nat. (Ph.D.) in Mathematics, TH Ilmenau (Germany)

1982 Diplom in Mathematics, TH Ilmenau (Germany)

Professional Activities

since 09/2017 Dean (Dekan), Fakultät für Mahematik und Naturwissenschaften, TU Ilmenau

09/2014 - 08/2017 Vice Dean (Prodekan), Fakultät für Mahematik und Naturwissenschaften, TU Ilmenau


since 01/2013 außerplanmäßiger Professor, TU Ilmenau

since  09/2012 akademischer Oberrat, TU Ilmenau

01/2005 -  08/2012 akademischer Rat, TU Ilmenau

01/2000 - 12/2004 Wissenschaftlicher Oberassistent, TU Ilmenau

01/1994 - 12/1999 Wissenschaftlicher Assistent, TU Ilmenau

09/1982 - 12/1993 Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, TU Ilmenau

Visiting Positions

09/2003 Guest Lecturer, Universidad de Guadalajara (Mexico)

09/2001 - 05/2002 Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science University of

North Texas, Denton TX (U.S.A.)

12/1994 - 05/1995 Research Fellow, Department of Applied Mathematics, Twente University,

Enschede (The Netherlands)

02/1990 - 04/1990 Research Fellow, PH Kiel (Germany)

10/1987 - 05/1988 Research Fellow, E}otv}os-Lorand-University, Budapest (Hungary)

Research Grants and Industrial Projects

10/2010 - 01/2011 Computing polygon intersections

Industrial research for KIV Thüringen GmbH, Gotha

Principal Researcher

04/2004 - 03/2006 Search for text documents in large distributed systems

DFG project

Principal Researcher (with G.Heyer, University Leipzig, and H.Unger, Uni-

versity Rostock)

03/2001 - 09/2001 Simulation of behavioral aspects of communities in the world wide web

Industrial research for ISS Technologies AG Ilmenau

Principal Researcher (with H.Unger, University Rostock)

10/2000 - 12/2002 Graph minors, graph colorings and algorithms

Research grant SVN 99/003 (Scientific technological collaboration Ger-

many - Slovenia), Ilmenau Technical University and University Ljubljana,

Slovenia (Professor B.Mohar)

Principal Researcher

09/97 - 11/2000 Design and implemtation of algorithms for measurement of chromatograms

Industrial research for ech Elektrochemie Halle GmbH

Principal Researcher

04/1996 Guest lecturer at the Moscow Power Engineering Institute

Travel grant of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

Guest of the department 'Systemotechnika' (Professor A.P. Swiridow)

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