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Business Start-ups

Research Service and Technology Transfer: our support and assistance for spin-offs from TU Ilmenau

We are a central support centre for all students and academic staff wishing to found their own enterprise. Feel free to ask us anytime.

We help and assist you in all questions relating to spin-offs from our university.

  • First check of your business idea
  • Consultation concerning the choice of an appropriate research funding programme
  • Consulting and support in all terms of application for funding, which aim at the direct preparation of a founding (e. G. EXIST Seed programme or EXIST Research transfer)
  • Advice concerning the preparation and development of a business plan
  • Integration into the founder network of the Thuringian universities as well as further partner networks
  • Setting up contacts to mentors, technology and founder centres, Chambers of Commerce and industry as well as funding organisations
  • Contact to foundation-specific qualification and advisory services
  • Arrangement of appointments with the responsible for property rights at TU Ilmenau and other contact persons

Your contact person:
Ms. Dr.-Ing. Doerte Gerhardt
Research Service and Technology Transfer
Phone: +49 3677 69 - 2512

More information (only available in German)

Patent and Brand Consulting

The responsible person for property rights supports spin-offs concerning:

  • Questions about industrial property protection
  • Proprietary protection of research results
  • Acquisition of research results of TU Ilmenau through spin-offs
  • Trade mark application

Contact person:
Ms. Cordula Mueseler
Phone: +49 3677 69 - 1707

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Start-up Studies at TU Ilmenau

These studies include the transfer and dissemination of knowledge and skills concerning the foundation and management of a company. The focus lies on the further development of key qualifications, working out a business plan as well as the education about business and jurisprudential knowledge.

  • Content: 16 hours per week and semester
  • Upon successful completion of the course you will receive a certificate on the  attended courses

More information (only available in German)

Founder Laboratory at TU Ilmenau

In 2001 four founder laboratories were installed within the framework of a BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) research project to support potential founders with technical equipment:

“Founder Laboratory Mobility in distributed Systems”, Prof. Kuehnhaeuser

“Founder Laboratory Development and Application of Power Electronic Components”, Prof. Petzoldt

“Research Laboratory Mobile Systems – Robotics from basic research to application”, Prof. Zimmermann

“Founder Laboratory in the Centre for Micro and Nanotechnologies”, Prof. Thust

Information about the equipment and usage of the laboratories (only available in German)

Further offers (only partially in English)