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Technische Universität Ilmenau is positioned nationally and internationally as an excellent institution for education and research based on the scope and accomplishments of our research. In specific competency fields of fundamental research as well as in applied research, the university occupies national and international leading positions.

The cooperation between the economic sector and the university has several multidimensional aspects. Besides concrete contract based research for customers, we are interested in collective research projects funded by national or international funding programmes. Another successful transfer instrument between the university and the economic sector is the work placement program for students in companies as well as bachelor thesis and master thesis directly related to practical on-the-job experience.

It is our clear strategic aim to transform the results of our scientific research consistently into economically utilised results!

Contact person:

Mrs Dr. Dörte Gerhardt
Phone: +49 3677 692512 | Fax: +49 3677 691596

We support you with:

•    Setting up contacts between companies and researchers
•    Initiation of common research projects
•    Fundraising
•    Working out contracts for cooperative research projects
•    Warranty of patent protection common research results

We are happy to help you use our modern science and research structure and its know-how more effectively.