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Day of Information Technology 2017

This year, our annual day of Information Technology on

Friday, June 23, 2017,

is dedicated to our Master of Science in Communications and Signal Processing (MSCSP) students and alumni. It has the motto:

Preparing for a Global Career in Communications and Signal Processing

This day provides an excellent opportunity to reunite our alumni, students, faculty members, and friends.

Preliminary Schedule
10:00 – 11:50Invited Presentations (Part 1)Humboldt-Hörsaal
11:50 – 13:20Lunch Break
13:20 – 15:00Invited Presentations (Part 2)Humboldt-Hörsaal
15:00 – 15:10Group Picturein front of the Humboldt Building
15:15 – open endFriendly Get-Together with Food and Drinkslawn between the Helmholtz Building and the Newton Building

More information about the MSCSP program is available at:

If you are an MSCSP alumnus, please join our MSCSP Alumni Mailing List. We would like to stay in contact with you.

Download a pdf-file of the program. Photos, Videos