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Friday, June 23, 2017, Humboldt-Hörsaal

Preparing for a Global Career in Communications and Signal Processing

Invited Presentations (Part 2)

13:20 – 13:45Efficient Adversarial Perturbations for Neural Networks
Emilio R. Balda, RWTH Aachen
home country: Ecuador, graduated from our MSCSP program in 2017
13:45 – 14:10Learning of Direction-of-Arrival Estimation Trends
Jason Candido Fernandes, TU Ilmenau
home country: India, current student of our MSCSP program
14:10 – 14:35mm-Wave communications: Propagation Characteristics and System Aspects
Diego A. Dupleich, TU Ilmenau
home country: Argentina, graduated from our MSCSP program in 2013
14:35 – 15:00Full Duplex Wireless Communications: Concepts and Applications
Omid Taghizadeh, RWTH Aachen
home country: Iran, graduated from our MSCSP program in 2013

The invited presenters have been asked to share some information about

  • their personal and professional background in their home country
  • their undergraduate studies (e.g., where and what did they study)
  • their reasons for choosing the MSCSP program at TU Ilmenau
  • their experience during the MSCSP program at TU Ilmenau (from a personal and professional point of view), and
  • their personal and professional activities after their graduation (e.g., where do they work now and what is their job there).