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High Voltage Laboratory

Impulse voltage equipment 750 kV


With the voltage impulse test equipment is determined the behavior of electrical systems and their components due to the action of momentarily overvoltages, phenomena that can occur for example by atmospheric influences. The observed effects are further used for the development of insulator material.

Equipment description:

The surge voltage test equipment is formed from a DC voltage generator, a surge generator according to "Marx" using surge capacitors, charge and discharge resistors as well as ignition spark gaps, voltage divider used to measure the peak voltage and a control panel containing all necessary control and monitoring elements. As auxiliary equipment are spark gap measuring sphere and impulse voltage triggering device for time-specific delivery of the shock voltage. This equipment can generate positive and negative voltages by changing the polarity of the DC voltage generator.




Technical Sheath


Surge voltage form 

1.2 / 50 µs

Surge Voltage Peak

max. 750 kV

Number of Levels


Impulse Power

6.6 kWs

Surge Capacity

23.4 nF

Surge capacitors per level


Voltage devider capacity

1.125 nF

DC voltage test equipment 300 kV


The DC voltage test equipment is used to test isolation arrangements as well as for testing of electrical devices and systems (e.g. testing of cables or high voltage capacitors).
This equipment can be used for testing purposes as well as for research and development.

Equipment description:

This test equipment consists of a variable transformer that allows continuous adjustment of the voltage within fine steps. A high voltage transformer converts the network voltage and supplies it to a Greinacher double connector that consist of 2 high power rectifiers positioned against each other and 2 high voltage capacitors. For current limiting a safety resistor is activated. The current measurement is done with a ohmic divider that has on the low voltage side a RMS value measurement device.
The equipment control  can be done by hand as well as automatically after the voltage pre-selection is completed. The control panel contains all the necessary operating and control elements. As auxiliary equipment are spark gap measuring spheres and DSO for the precise determination of the voltage.



Technical Sheath:


Maximum voltage peak

300 kV

Polarity of the voltage compared to earth


Nominal current at Nominal voltage

25 mA

Power of the equipment (KB 10 min)

7.5 kW

Ripple of the voltage at Umax


Voltage scalling factor

1.1 MOhm/300 Ohm

AC voltage test equipment 250 kV


The AC test equipment allows the generation of AC one phase grounded 50 Hz voltages, continuosly variable between 0 and 250 kV. The intallation can be used for different isolation arrangements testing as well as for testing devices or system components. It can be also used to determine the breakdown or flashover voltages of the isolators or cables.

Equipment description:

The system consists essentially of a one phase high voltage transformator, a variable transformer for continuous adjustment of the voltage, a high load resistance for damping and limiting the current, a capacitor to build a voltage divider for voltage measurement and a control panel with all necessary operating and control elements.

As auxiliary equipment there are a current- and voltage measuring device, a sphere gap as well as a partial discharge measuring device. The variation in time of the current and voltage values can be observed via an oscilloscope.



Technical Sheath:


Maximum voltage peak

250 kV eff

Nominal current at Nominal voltage

200 mA

Input power

50 kVA

Input voltage 


Ration of the high voltage transformer


Modular system 100kV


This little testing block of 100 kV rated voltage is used primarily for education of electrical engineering students but also a professional trainings. Its diversity is so extensive that it can be used to reproduce with any type of test circuits. Not only AC and DC test switching, but also impulse and measurement circuits can be build. With this testing block is possible to build applications for the material insulators research and diagnostics of equipment in the medium voltage range , but also can be used as voltage generator for certain technological processes (e.g. automation of high voltage tests).

Equipment description:

The base system consists of a high voltage test transformer, different rectifiers, capacitors from 100 pF to 160 nF, resistors between 800 Ohm and 460 kOhm, an inductance of 40 mH, voltage dividers for AC/DC/Impulse voltage measurement, a capacitor of 102,64 pF a, isolating and connection elements and also discharge and grounding equipments.
The control of this system is done through a control box with PC with power supply and over the the necessary safety and monitoring equipment



Technical Sheath


Nominal Voltage

220 / 0 ... 100 kVeff

Nominal Power

7.3 kVA

Max. Nominal Current prim/sec.

36.4 /0.08 A

Control Panel


    Control Unit


    Power Unit

H 386

Voltage Measuremnt Device(Ueff)

MU 14

Voltage Peak Voltage Measurement


    Field Induced Measuring Device

Typ 704


max. 135 kV SW

Capacitive Voltage Devider 0.1 und 0.6 nF

max. 150 kV SW

Rectifier Cell

max. 270 kV