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Univ.-Prof. Dr. Frank Berger

Head of Research Lab

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Reseach Group Competence

Electrical Apparatus and Switchgear Group

Main research areas

Electric Arc

  • Fundamental studies on the electrical arc behavior in DC and AC networks
  • Spectroscopic analysis
  • High-speed imaging
  • Effects of gassing materials on the electric arc
  • Magnetohydrodynamic simulation of the electric arc

Mechanical Switching Devices

  • Development related research and testing of AC and DC switching devices for the entire low voltage range.
  • Model/Experimental switching chamber development and tests for AC and DC switchgear


  • Long term studies regarding the behaviour of connectors with or without load.

Photovoltaic systems

  • Arc faults - Origin, prevention, detection and extinguishing
  • Simulation of the network electrical behavior
  • Safety concepts


  • DC and AC usage
  • Experimental reseach
  • Thermal Simulations

Switching in different gasses

  • Electrical arc interaction with different gasses
  • Electrical arc interaction with the contact system


  • Personal and commercial vehicle applications
  • Research on signal and telecomunication relais
  • Contact systems material migration analysis

High voltage

  • HVDC Cables
  • HVDC Switching technologies for meshed or point-to-point networks

Range of services

Power Switching Experiments

  • DC
  • AC (einphasig, 50 Hz)
  • AC (dreiphasig, 50 Hz)

Impulse Experiments

  • Voltage impulses, Lightning voltage impulses
  • Current impulses, Lightning current impulses
  • Lightning current combination tests (Lightning impulse with long time lightning current)

High Voltage Experiments

  • DC
  • AC (einphasig, 50 Hz)
  • Impulse

High Current Experiments

  • DC
  • AC
  • AC 3-phase
  • Optical analysis
  • High speed video and photo imaging
  • Spectral analysis
  • Microscope analysis

Numerical computations of the switching devices <media 91819 _blank download "TEXT, Nutzung der Kompetenzen zu FEM Simulationen im Fachgebiet Elektrische Geraete und Anlagen, Nutzung_der_Kompetenzen_zu_FEM_Simulationen_im_Fachgebiet_Elektrische_Geraete_und_Anlagen.pdf, 61 KB">(Simulation)</media>

  • Thermal, mechanical, electrical and coupled computations based on Finite Element and Finite Volume methods

Special equipment

High Power Laboratory

  • Rotating DC generator with flywheel (800 V DC, up to 8 kA, variable Time Constant tau)
  • AC Switching Power Installtion (303 V Ds, up to 30 kA; up to 3000 V Ds, up to 15 kA; variable cos(phi)) - under construction
  • AC Switching Power Installtion ( 690 V Ds / 400 V Ds, up to 40 kA; variable cos (phi)) -under construction

Switching Device Laboratories

  • Powerfull 3-phase supply (400 V AC / 690 V AC, up to 630 A continuos current and up to 3.5 kA at switching experiments)
  • AC supply (400 V Ds/ 230 V Ds, bis 160 A)
  • DC supply (440 V DC / 220 V DC, bis 63 A)
  • Laboratory panels (400 V Ds / 230 V Ds bis 32 A; 440 V DC / 220 V DC bis 16 A) 

High Current Laboratory

  • DC over 3-phase bridge (20 V up to 4 kA)
  • AC (15 V Ds bis 20 kA) 

Impulse Laboratory

  • Impulse generator (Low inductance; Current impulse 10/350 µs 150 kA)
  • Hybrid generators(Voltage impulse 1,2/50 µs up to 40 kV; Current impulse 8/20 µs 100 kA)
  • Marx generator
  • Half-sine generator (Half-sine and Rectangular impulses 10 kA, 10 kV)

High voltage laboratory

  • Modular system (100 kV, 7 kVA)
  • DC votlage test equipment (300 kV, 7,5 kW, 25 mA, +/-)
  • Impulse voltage test equipment (750 kV, Spannungsimpuls 1,2/50 µs)
  • AC votlage test equipment(250 kV, 50 kVA, 200 mA)


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Frank Berger TU Ilmenau Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Gustav-Kirchhoff-Straße 1 Kirchhoffbau, Raum K1007 98693 Ilmenau Phone +49 3677 69-2834 Fax +49 3677 69-1686

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