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Electronic Media Technology Group (EMT)

The focus of the group lies in the technological development of methods for recording, transmitting and reproducing of audio signals in future media systems and services. We are committed to a human-centered system development. 

In particular this is the research in the area of the generation of auditory spatiality and its evaluation. Research in this area enables us to gain knowledge about the functioning of hearing by providing appropriate technical systems.

You can find an overview of the subject area here.

The activities and research topics comprise in detail:

  • Spatial audio reproduction systems: Binaural Synthesis, High Order Ambisonics, Wave Field Synthesis
  • Spatial Audio Recording Systems: Microphone Arrays
  • Audio signal processing for spatial audio
  • Audio signal and media signal analysis
  • Multimodal interactions

A mutual transfer and extension of topics takes place through cooperation with the Fraunhofer IDMT. The topics are: Video technology, audio technology, security in media technology applications, music information retrieval through methods of machine learning. 

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