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Dr.-Ing. Stephan Werner

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Team of the Electronic Media Technology Group

Team of Electronic Media Technology Group

M. Sc. Christian Schneiderwind

Research Assistants

Phone 03677 69-2671

fax: 03677 69-1255

Room H 3527



  • Interpolation and extrapolation for dynamic binaural synthesis 
  • Automatic Characterization of acoustic environments
  • Perception of room acoustics 
  • Physical and psychoacoustic models




Schneiderwind, C., Neidhardt, A. "Perceptual differences of position dependent room acoustics in a small conference room", Proceedings of International Symposium on Room Acoustics (ISRA), Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2019.

Brandenburg, K., Fiedler, B., Fischer, G., Klein, F., Neidhardt, A., Schneiderwind, C., Sloma, U., 
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Schneiderwind, C., Neidhardt, A., Fichna, S., Klein, F., "Data set: Eigenmike-DRIRs, KEMAR 45BA-BRIRs, RIRs and 360° pictures captured at five positions of a small conference room", 45th Annual Conference on Acoustics (DAGA), Rostock, Germany, 2019. Dataset at Zenodo

Fischer, G., Schneiderwind, C., Neidhardt, A., "Comparing the directivity of a mouth simulator and simple physical model", 45th Annual Conference on Acoustics (DAGA), Rostock, Germany, 2019.