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Focus and Projects

Research in the field of electronic media technology focuses on the development of technologies for recording, transmitting, storing and reproducing audio signals in future media systems.

The research focuses on the generation of spatiality and three-dimensionality in multimedia systems. The basis is the user-centered system development approach and its quality evaluation.

You can download an overview of the research, staff and projects in this field by clicking on the link below.

Overview Electronic Media Technology 


Research Projects

Our employees are involved in a large number of research projects. The current projects are: 

Listener translation and perception of virtual auditory environments (DFG) [Link]

Coding of spatial sound fields (DFG) [Link]

Multimedia system for rehabilitation of hearing disorders (State of Thuringia) [Link]

Spatial hearing and speech understanding when using hearing implants (State of Thuringia) [Link]

Virtual road, virtual reality: radio, road, vehicle, driver (Land Thüringen) [Link]


Projects that have already been completed but are still being worked on thematically:

Psychoacoustic Illusion [Link]

Non-standardized evaluation of spatial audio quality


An example application and use of our research can be found in the:

Auditory Augmented Reality [Link]


For small projects or datasets of measurements, see Other Projects.