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Service Overview:

Research co-operation

  • common projects with industrial and research institutions state-, Germany- or European-wide

Contract Research

  • customer specific research based on a research contract

Public Services

  • Electrical characterisation of dielectrics (metrological characterisation of dielectric substrate materials up to about 1 GHz by means of S parameters and RF I-V method)
  • Substrate technologies (prototype production of printed circuit boards (PCB), design and production of thick film and LTCC modules)
  • Assembly technologies (placement of microelectronic modules in SMD-, chip-on-board- and FlipChip technologies)
  • Failure analysis in microelectronic assemblies (X-ray- and ultrasound analysis to detect packaging defects in microelectronic circuits, such as, for example, opens and shorts or delaminated packages)
  • Engineering and technology consulting (support in the selection of assembly- and packaging technologies, as well as in the development of microelectronic modules)