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Electrothermal Energy Conversion Group

In teaching as well as in research, the Electrothermal Energy Conversion Group represents methods and processes covering the use of electrical energy for direct treatment of materials, e.g. melts, semi-finished parts and work pieces. The Group combines electrical power engineering and materials science to system knowledge for the technological use of the related electro-physical processes. We have close scientific connections to other divisions: the Power Electronic Group, Thermodynamics Group, Fluid Dynamics Group, Materials Science Group, Automatic Controls Group and the Theoretical Electrical Engineering Group. Further development of the division is supported by new materials, components, appliance systems and control techniques on one hand, and on the other, it is essentially required by material, micro, environment and recycling technology. The equipment and processes utilized in the division's teaching and research are highly energy intensive and specific, thus the theoretical, numerical and experimental considerations are very important.



 Laboratory experiment induction heating


There is a long tradition of the Electrothermal Energy Conversion Division in Ilmenau. Its roots are found in the ''Thüringer Technikum'' (1093 - 1948), when electroheat technology was first taught. In 1958 the Department for Electroheat Technology was founded by Prof. Kolbe in the then-called ''Hochschule für Elektrotechnik'', and was renamed “Scientific Division Electroheat” in the section of electrical engineering during the socialist college reform after 1971. Since 1984 this Scientific Division has been headed by Prof. Schulze. After the German unification the universities were restructured and the Electroheat Division has since been called “Division for Electrothermal Energy Conversion” belonging to the Department of Electrical Energy and Control Engineering at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.