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Ilmenau Policy of Teaching Engineering Design

  • Sound fundament: Fundamentals of mathematics, natural sciences, computer science and technology, adapted and balanced with view to engineering applications.
  • Continuity: Integration of engineering design projects throughout the whole course of studies, with increasing challenges.
  • Individual support: Effective project work in small teams (2-6 students), each tutored by one research assistant; encouragement of individual approaches and inventive solutions.
  • Interdisciplinary and practice-oriented tasks: Different engineering disciplines combined in projects (mechanical and electrical engineering, optical and precision engineering, computer science, measurement technology, manufacturing technology, economics); enabling students to work on and design optomechatronic systems; confrontation with complex tasks in practical projects in industry.
  • Team-work: Team-work increasing with progress in studies; involvement of (senior) students into current research projects of the institute.
  • Methodical and systematic work: Exercising conceptual work as well as systematic detailing; using up-to-date methods and tools (heuristic approaches, creativity techniques, design by configuration of supplied components, 2D- and 3D-CAD applications, simulation techniques and tools, systematic fault analysis, Simultaneous Engineering, Virtual Reality, etc.)