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Mahboob, Atif; Husung, Stephan; Weber, Christian; Liebal, Andreas; Krömker, Heidi;
Smartphone as a stand-alone device for rendering, visualization and tracking for use during product development in virtual reality (VR). - In: ASME digital collection. - New York, NY : ASME, (2019), DETC2019-97173, V001T02A079, 10 pages
Liebal, Andreas; Krömker, Heidi; Mahboob, Atif; Weber, Christian;
Toolbox for user-centered specification of VR systems. - In: ASME digital collection. - New York, NY : ASME, (2019), DETC2019-97340, V001T02A053, 11 pages
Mahboob, Atif; Husung, Stephan; Weber, Christian; Liebal, Andreas; Krömker, Heidi;
Modellbasierter Systems Engineering Ansatz zur effizienten Aufbereitung von VR-Szenen. - In: Entwerfen Entwickeln Erleben in Produktentwicklung und Design 2019, Band 2. - Dresden : TUDpress, (2019), S. 309-321
Brix, Torsten; Döring, Ulf;
15 Jahre Digitale Mechanismen- und Getriebebibliothek. - In: Tagungsband 13. Kolloquium Getriebetechnik, Fachhochschule Dortmund, 18. - 20. September 2019. - Berlin : Logos Berlin, (2019), S. 3-18

Mahboob, Atif; Husung, Stephan; Weber, Christian; Liebal, Andreas; Krömker, Heidi;
The reuse of SysML behaviour models for creating product use cases in virtual reality. - Cambridge : Cambridge University Press. - 1 Online-Ressource (10 Seiten). - Online-Ausgabe: Proceedings of the Design Society: International Conference on Engineering Design. - Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, ISSN 2220-4342, Volume 1, Issue 1, July 2019, pp. 2021-2030
Artelt, Benedikt; Brix, Torsten; Döring, Ulf;
THEDI - the first online editor for the IFToMM dictionary. - In: . - Cham : Springer, (2019), S. 3511-3519

Döring, Ulf; Brix, Torsten; Artelt, Benedikt; Brandt-Salloum, Christiane;
Patents from the age of Prussian industrialization revived. - In: . - Cham : Springer, (2019), S. 1223-1232

Linß, Sebastian; Gräser, Philipp; Henning, Stefan; Harfensteller, Felix; Theska, René; Zentner, Lena;
Synthesis method for compliant mechanisms of high-precision and large-stroke by use of individually shaped power function flexure hinges. - In: . - Cham : Springer, (2019), S. 1569-1578

Harfensteller, Felix; Linß, Sebastian; Gräser, Philipp; Weber, Christian; Zentner, Lena; Theska, René;
Optimization-based approach to the embodiment design of compliant mechanisms with different flexure hinges. - In: . - Cham : Springer, (2019), S. 1579-1588

Theska, René; Zentner, Lena; Fröhlich, Thomas; Weber, Christian; Manske, Eberhard; Linß, Sebastian; Gräser, Philipp; Harfensteller, Felix; Darnieder, Maximilian; Kühnel, Michael;
Compliant mechanisms for ultra-precise applications. - In: Interdisciplinary applications of kinematics. - Cham : Springer, (2019), S. 249-256

This paper reports about enhanced compliant mechanisms with flexure hinge based on new analytic and/or FEM models that have been manufactured by state of the art wire EDM technology. Experimental proofs at test benches, equipped with ultra-precise interferometer based length and angular measurement systems, show first time the residual deviation to the intended path of motion with a resolution of nanometers/arc seconds. Theoretically determined and measured data are in good correlation. Repeatability limitations are rather more given by the residual noise of the overall test arrangement and mainly not by the mechanism itself.