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Engineering Design

Main research areas

  • Design theory and -methodology
  • Modelling of functional structures and technical principles
  • Variational and modulatised design, feature technology, constraint-solving, knowledge-based engineering
  • Use of audiovisual VR technologies in product development
  • Fundamentals of embodiment design in product development
  • Integration of embodiment design and calculation/simulation
  • Cost analysis and cost reduction in product development
  • Adjstment concepts for precision engineering products

Range of services

  • Conceptual design and detailed design
  • Consulting in the selection use and integration of CAx systems
  • Design reviews, error analysis of design documents and products
  • Development, simulation and automation of adjustment processes
  • Use of Virtual Reality (VR) in product development

Special equipment

  • CAD-Lab:
    Laboratory with worcstation and PC workstations for AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, Solid Works, CATIA, Pro/ENGINEER, software for cost estimation, Techoptimizer
  • Flexible audiovisual stereo projection device (FASP):3-sided CAVE unit with adjustable screens, wave field synthesis to generate realistic audio impressions
  • coustic measuring equipment (structure-borne and airborne sound)
  • JAdjustment laboratory:
    Comprehensive measuring and controlling equipment to develop and simulate efficient adjusting techniques for mechanic and optical components


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christian Weber TU Ilmenau Department of Mechanical Engineering Max-Planck-Ring 12 House F, Room 4250 98693 Ilmenau Phone +49 3677 69-2472 Fax +49 3677 69-1259

Classification into research alliances

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