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The Founders of Design Theory and Methodology

The Department of Engineering Design of the Technical University Ilmenau follows the
tradition of the “Ilmenau Policy of Teaching Engineering Design”. In 1950 Werner Bischoff who at that time was the head of development at the Zeiss company in Jena set up a new work group consisting of Friedrich Hansen, who had wide experiences in design and precision engineering, and Arthur Bock, an expert in gear and mechanism design. The task of this work group was to look for new ways to make development and design processes more effective in order to compensate for the shortage of designers which was caused by the loss of experts to the USA and the Soviet Union after World War II
As soon as 1953 the first comprehensive report on systematic design could be published. In the same year Bischoff, Hansen and Bock were appointed to professorships at the university in Ilmenau. In 1955, teaching in the at that time completely new subjects “Systematic Design” and “Adjustment” started. In 1965, in the framework of industrial contracts, first research projects started here in the field of Computer-Aided Design – based on a comprehensive design theory and methodology, thus covering much more than just geometric modelling.

The Founders of Design Theory


          Artur Bock                    Werner Bischoff              Friedrich Hansen

Arthur Bock, Professor for Mechanisms and Gears 1955-1963
Werner Bischoff, Professor for Precision Engineering 1954-1968
Friedrich Hansen, Professor for Engineering Design Systematics and Adjustment 1956-1970

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