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Katja Seltner

Project Coordinator

Phone 03677 69-2523

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Susanne Friedemann

Project Coordinator (letters A-I)

phone: 03677 69-1763


Katja Seltner

Project Coordinator (letters J-Z)

phone: 03677 69-2523



We are happy to support you in your desire for an internship abroad.

If possible, please apply 4 months before the desired start of your internship (after consulting us by phone, you may apply at shorter notice) with the following documents:

a) application form

Please be very careful when entering your data. Then print out the application form, provide it with your passport photo, the current date and your signature.

b) tabular curriculum vitae

c) current certificate of academic achievements

d) letter of recommendation from your faculty/department for the promotion of an internship in the Erasmus+ program (original letter incl. the header of your university)

The letter of recommendation should contain a statement that you have been recommended for an internship from the Erasmus+ program on the basis of your academic achievements and, if applicable, other commitments.

Please submit the application documents (a-d) by post to:


Technische Universität Ilmenau
TU Ilmenau International Office
Max-Planck-Ring 14

98693 Ilmenau


The presentation of an internship contract is not required!


You have not found an internship position yet?

Even if you have not yet found an internship position, you should apply for funding from the Erasmus+ program. If possible, we will support you in finding an internship position. For this purpose, we will provide you with contact data or Internet addresses of possible internship positions that are suitable for your application. As soon as you receive the acceptance for an internship, please enter the data into the database Mobility Online and inform us by e-mail about the start and end date of the internship.

How are applications processed and selected at the EU-Praktikum THURINGIA?

Your application will first be checked for completeness. Your personal motivation, which you state in the application form, as well as the letter of recommendation from your faculty or department (original) will be especially taken into consideration when selecting for funding. You will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of your application. If your application documents are not complete or do not meet the requirements, you will be informed accordingly.

Funding Erasmus+ and other financing during the internship

Funding from the Erasmus+ program can be applied for in addition to BAföG abroad. Grants of more than 300 € per month will be credited against BAföG benefits (as of November 2014). Funding from the Erasmus+ program only excludes double financing from European Union funds. The payment and/or the granting of monetary benefits by the internship office is expressly desired, but not a prerequisite for funding from the Erasmus+ program.

Is the funding from the Erasmus+ program refundable?

No, if these conditions are met:   

  • the contractual obligations have been met by you,
  • after completion of the internship, the documents were submitted on time,
  • the EU survey was processed,
  • if necessary, the second OLS language test/OLS language course was completed,
  • the agreed duration of the internship was adhered to.

If the proven duration of the internship is less than the minimum duration of two months, no funding is possible. In this case, the entire funding received must be paid back!


There is no legal claim to funding from the Erasmus+ program.

The funding is based on existing projects and financial resources. The awarding of the grant is based on the rules agreed upon in the consortium of Thuringian universities in order to ensure equal participation of students at the universities. The project will be carried out according to the principles of equal treatment of incoming applications.

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