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Contact preparation

How is the support of an internship within the ERASMUS+ program prepared and implemented?

The ERASMUS+ program has very complex requirements - these must be respected throughout the whole project.

Therefore, you should promptly respond to our e-mails during the contract preparation phase.

1. Learning Agreement

  1. You will be requested via e-mail to download the Lerning Agreement from the Mobility Online database. After consultation with the responsible person at your faculty or department, you should complete the information regarding academic accreditation as well as the responsible person and their contact details. The corresponding fields are marked yellow in the document.
  2. Afterwards, send the completed Learning Agreement to your internship institution by e-mail with the request to complete the missing information as well as the internship program, and to send it to you by e-mail. The fields to be completed by your internship institution are highlighted in green in the document. If you do not receive a response from your internship institution within one week: Be sure to ask!
  3. Once you receive the completed document, upload it to the Mobility Online database - signatures are not required at this step.
  4. The Learning Agreement you uploaded will be formally verified and, if necessary, you will receive instructions for correction/amendment.
  5. When the document is complete, you will receive a request to arrange the signatures with the date and, if possible, the stamp. Remember that your own signature with the date is also required.
  6. Upload the document to the Mobility Online database at the latest two weeks before the start of the internship.                                                                         

We are happy to support you! Please be sure to contact us by phone if there are any problems.

2. Erasmus+ Grant Agreement

Once the Learning Agreement is correct, you will be requested via e-mail to download the Grant Agreement from the Mobility Online database. At the same time you will receive the Insurance Declaration and the Erasmus+ Student Charter.

Please, send us the following documents:

  1. Grant Agreement in two copies (each with your original signature, place and date),
  2. Insurance Declaration,
  3. Certificate(s) of enrollment in full-time studies

on time by post or express mail. All documents must be submitted to EU-Praktikum THURINGIA before the start of the internship.

For internships with OLS: You will be obligated to register for the free online language test, which you will complete before the start of the internship.

After submitting the above specified documents and, if applicable, passing the language test, the pre-funding in the amount of 80% of the total funding will be transferred to you within 30 days.

Your copy of the Grant Agreement will be sent by post to your home address together with the annexes (Learning Agreement, General Conditions, Erasmus+ Student Charter, Insurance Declaration).