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The Europass opens doors to studying and working in Europe. With its various modules, it offers a suitable tool for documenting and presenting experience gained at home and abroad. It provides a comprehensive overview of the owner's qualifications and competencies and makes it easier to compare them in a European context.

The Europass presents personal skills, competencies and qualifications in an understandable and comprehensible way.

The Europass is not a passport in the classical sense. It does not document standard information issued by a central office, but rather describes the personal profile of its owner. It is thus a "common European trademark" for an application portfolio that combines several documents and can be supplemented throughout a person's life.

Anyone can create the Europass CV or the Europass Cover Letter for their application. The Europass Diploma Supplement and the Europass Certificate Supplement ensure better comparability of academic and professional qualifications.

The Europass Mobility documents the qualifications and skills acquired abroad. This is an important quality criterion for the implementation of EU-Praktikum TH√úRINGEN projects. Each participant receives the Europass Mobility Certificate.

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Europass CV

The Europass Curriculum Vitae provides a clear and formally correct presentation of the educational and professional CV and thus enables greater transparency of the qualifications of applicants. Individual applicant potentials become more comparable - hiring decisions can be made more accurately.

The Europass CV can be created under the following link.

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Europass Cover Letter

With different templates of the Europass cover letter you can create a structured, professional and appealing cover letter. 

The Europass cover letter can be created at the following link.

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Europass Diploma Supplement

The Europass Diploma Supplement is used as an explanation of academic degree certificates, especially for graduates of universities. The Europass Diploma Supplement is issued in each member state by the college or university awarding the degree.

More information here.

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Europass Certificate Supplement

With the help of the Europass Certificate Supplement, employers or educational institutions abroad can better recognize or classify the country-specific standards of the training professions. In addition to information on the duration, type and level of professional training, the certificate supplements also provide a brief description of the knowledge and skills acquired through professional training. In this way, they make professional qualifications and competencies readable throughout Europe.

The link to the overview of all currently available Europass Certificate Supplements.

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Europass Mobility

The Europass Mobility describes all stays abroad completed as part of school education, professional training, university studies and continuing education. This includes internships in companies, semesters abroad or other educational and professional experiences.

The main advantage for companies is that the Europass Mobility gives them a clear picture of the skills and competencies acquired abroad. The Europass Mobility has a higher informative value than a simple internship certificate, because the acquired professional knowledge and social competences are described in detail.

It is issued by EU-Praktikum THURINGIA, and the quality of the statements on the content of the qualification is determined by the close cooperation of all parties involved.

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