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Notes for planned Erasmus+ internships abroad | Status 03.06.2020

Internships in the Erasmus+ program are still supported!

Even if not all developments are foreseeable against the background of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, you can still plan your Erasmus+ stay abroad. Please note the following information:

  • You can start an internship abroad at your own request and on your own initiative. Neither EU-Praktikum THURINGIA nor your home university can take responsibility for the existence of infection prevention measures on site. Please consider the regulations of your home university regarding stays abroad (students of the TU Ilmenau please inform yourself here).
  • Please inform yourself sufficiently about the valid regulations and infection prevention measures at your home town and at your destination before you start your journey. In particular, please use the information provided by the German Foreign Office (AA) and the local authorities. The existing regulations for the planned internship period apply.
  • Inform yourself regularly before and during your stay abroad about the current security situation at the Foreign Office (travel and security information).
  • Please inform us immediately if you do not start, interrupt or cancel your internship stay in your host country due to a changed security situation or current travel warning from the German Foreign Office.

Procedure for changes to your internship stay due to the Corona Crisis | Status 23.03.2020

Internships in the Erasmus+ program are still supported!

If a corona virus threat is declared in your host country/region of your internship or if you/your internship has doubts about the execution of the internship, it is your responsibility, in agreement with the internship office, to start, continue, interrupt or end the internship.   

If you start the internship and are staying abroad, please register in the electronic registration system of the German Foreign Office of Germans Abroad ("Elefand").

If you are not a German citizen, please contact the embassy of your home country for information.

We kindly ask you to use the information on the Commission's website, on the website of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, and on the website of the NA DAAD - these pages will be updated and provide you with the latest information.

We would like to recommend this link to FAQ (even if you are not yet funded):

Please send us an e-mail,

  1. if you will not start the planned internship or will start it later.
  2. if your internship is interrupted due to the hazardous situation - please inform us of the following data: first working day, exact period of interruption, planned last working day.
  3. if you are leaving now (or before the scheduled end of the internship) - please inform us about the exact date of departure and the actual duration of the internship (first and last working day in your internship position)

Please keep all original receipts of the costs incurred for your Erasmus+ Internship for travel/housing/ insurance for your internship. Please keep all original receipts for the costs incurred for your internship. Minimize these costs by cancellation/termination.

Home Office

If you have started the internship and work in the home office, this may be counted as an internship period. Please let us know and we will inform you about the exact modalities.