Deutschland Tour stops in Ilmenau

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Fr. 27.08.2021
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Teilnehmer der Deutschlandtour 2020GFR_HenningAngerer

On August 27 and 28, 2021, the Deutschland Tour - the professional cycling race that has been revived since 2018 - will stop in Ilmenau with both a finish on Friday and a start on Saturday. The Deutschland Tour will be held in the UCI ProSeries, the race series featuring the world's best events below the WorldTour.

The four-day professional tour will start in Stalsund on August 26 and will cover 191km in the first stage to Schwerin. On the second day it then goes from Sangerhausen to Ilmenau. After 185 km, the finish line will be reached in the Goethe and university town in the afternoon of 27 August. The next morning the riders will head to Erlangen, where they will reach their destination after 191 km. They will have to overcome a few metres of altitude as they leave Ilmenau in the direction of Frauenwald. The last stage on Sunday then leads over 160 km from Erlangen to Nuremberg.

The program will be published here in time before the event:https://www.ilmenau.de/de/freizeit/feste-und-maerkte/deutschlandtour-2021/