Workshop "Usability: User-centered Founding" - Part 1

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Th. 19.01.2023
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Workshop "Usability: User-Oriented Founding"

In this workshop you will learn to recognize the challenges of user orientation in the service and/or product development of your own start-up idea and to develop initial solution ideas. You will learn about the terms utility, usability and user experience as well as different methods of the user requirements cycle and apply them to your own start-up projects. Whether you are developing a physical product or designing an app or software application is irrelevant - any project with human contact is suitable for this workshop. On the second day of the course, you will dive deeper into the topic and learn more about the integration of user orientation in development processes. Here, too, you will apply your newly acquired knowledge in practice. As an expert, Cindy Mayas will be available to answer any questions and provide valuable individual feedback on your start-up projects. As an expert, Cindy Mayas is available to answer any questions.

Who's doing it.

The course is hosted by Dr. Cindy Mayas, founder of the u.works GmbH. Cindy has more than 10 years of experience in the practical application of usage orientation in industry and research and teaches at TU Ilmenau and KIT.

When and where?

The two-part workshop will take place on:

  • Thursday, 19.01., 16:00 -19:00 hrs.
  • Thursday, 02.02., 16:00 -19:00 o'clock

The event will take place on 30.11.2022 from 13:00 to 14:30 in the Finnhütten of the Ilmkubator (Langewiesener Straße 32).

It is creditable to the extent of 12 course units for the certificate "Entrepreneurial Skills". Registrations are possible until January 18 via TurmII.

Please register for both dates. Participation in only one day is not possible.