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Institutes and Departments

Research Groups
Research GroupHead
Chemistry GroupAssociate Prof. Dr. Uwe Ritter
Nano-Biosystems Engineering GroupProf. Dr. A. Schober
Group for Physical Chemistry / Microreaction TechnologyProf. Dr. Michael Köhler
Reseachs Groups
NachwuchsforschergruppeOberflächenphysik funktioneller NanostrukturenPD Dr. Stefan Krischok
Research GroupHead
3D NanostructuringProf. Dr. Yong Lei
Experimental Physics Group I (Surface Physics)Prof. Dr. Jörg Kröger
Experimental Physics Group IIN.N.
Group Technical Physics I
Prof. Dr. Stefan Krischok
Group Technical Physics II / Polymer PhysicsProf. Dr. Siegfried Stapf
Group for Theoretical Physics IProf. Dr. Erich Runge
Group for Theoretical Physics II / Computational PhysicsProf. Dr. Martina Hentschel
Photovoltaics GroupProf. Dr. Thomas Hannappel
Research Unit Surface Science of Functional NanostructuresProf. Dr. Stefan Krischok