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You can contact us any time by sending an email to

In order to make the students of our faculty aware of current projects such as trade fairs or internships, jobs, and seminar offers, we have a Facebook page. If you want to promote available vacancies or events to our students, please send relevant offers to the above-mentioned mail address.

Suggestion and complaint box

Do you have problems, criticism or suggestions for improvement, you can tell us anonymously about it by using our box. The box is located on the 1st floor of Zusebau at the post boxes (next to the examination office). Our mailbox is on the upper left and is labeled "Fachschaftsrat IA".

Our meeting

During the corona clrisis our weekly meeting takes place every Tuesday, 7:00 pm in the BigBlueButton from the StuRa. After that it will again take place in Zusebau 1090 or 4005.

If we change time or place of our meeting, we'll let you know via the homepage under News or on our Facebook page!

Postal address

Technische Universität Ilmenau
Fachschaftsrat IA
Postfach 100 565
98684 Ilmenau