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APC: Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Communication Science


Dr. Schumann


Students are able to

  • understand empirical methods with regard to their qualitative and quantitative paradigm
  • design and conduct a qualitative research project (focus groups and/or interview)
  • analyze qualitative data with a qualitative data analysis (computer assisted with MAXQDA-Software)
  • design an instrument for a quantitative study (survey)

Learning Content

Students will work theoretically and practically on a research project containing qualitative and quantitative parts.

Previous Knowledge

Basics interest in research methods


Students will have to submit and work on several tasks during class, containing answers to theoretical questions about empirical methods (qualitative and quantitative) as well as designing (qualitative and quantitative) and conducting (qualitative) an empirical study.

Appointment and enrollment

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Active participation and timely fullfilment of the tasks provided in class.