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Publication of a dissertation

Excerpt/extract from doctoral degree regulations

The publication of the dissertation is an essential part of the PhD examination procedure (see Doctoral Degree Regulations  (Promotionsordnung) of TU Ilmenau) which also covers the submission free of charge of the dissertation to the Ilmenau University Library (UB).

The Doctoral Degree Regulations of TU Ilmenau (as amended on 13 October 2017) indeed state:

§ 13 Publishing the dissertation  

(1) Before the doctoral procedure is completed after a successfully carried out scientific discussion, the dissertation paper has to be made available to the scientific public adequately through relevant reproduction and distribution, considering any conditions, according to § 12 para. 5. This is the case when the author sends the dissertation paper free of charge to the university library:

  1. Copy of the thesis in electronic form: covering an electronic copy and four printed copies of the thesis. The electronic copy is available permanently on the university publication server of the university library; data transfer, data carrier and data format are to be settled with the university library.
  2. Printed copies of the thesis: submission of 10 printed copies.
  3. Publishing house publication: submission of six copies when a commercial publisher provides the distribution through the book trade and bindingly ensures a minimum quantity of 150 copies or deliverability over a period of at least two years.

The copies for the university library have to be printed on non-aging, wood-free and acid-free paper. Furthermore, abstracts in German and English must be provided for publication reasons. These abstracts should not be longer than 2,400 characters. The doctoral student allows the university library to use these abstracts.

(2) The day of the submission of the thesis, the day of the scientific discussion in an open session and the names of the reviewers must be mentioned in the copies of the thesis for the university library.

§ 15 Award of the PhD

(1) The Dean of the department hands out the PhD certificate when the doctoral student has completed the publication process according to § 13 and the university library has confirmed this completion in writing.

§ 21 Publishing the dissertation paper in a joint doctoral procedure

When the dissertation paper is submitted within the framework of a joint doctoral procedure at a foreign university/faculty according to § 17, the obligation of sending copies of the thesis to the university library remains unaffected. The regulations in §§ 13 and 15 para. 1 apply accordingly.

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Publication procedure

In order to ensure a speedy processing of the publication, please proceed as follows:

  • The first step is always to register your dissertation (PhD thesis) via the online form.
  • Please note that this registration can only be done online. The file attachments required in the registration (German and English summary) must be formatted as pure TXT files. The size of these files is limited to a maximum of 2400 characters each.

When registering, you must decide in which form you want to publish:

An ideal combination of both possibilities, electronic and printed publication, is offered to you e.g. by Universitätsverlag Ilmenau.

Electronic publication

By submitting your work in electronic form, you can benefit from the advantages of an electronic publication, including faster distribution, easier access, integration into Internet search engines, and citation capability through permanent identifiers (URN, Uniform Resource Name).

After registering your dissertation via the online form we will send you a URN for your electronic dissertation, which enables your electronic document to be identified persistently, regardless of location. Please position this URN before creating the presentation format (PDF/A or PS) and before printing your dissertation on the title page at the bottom on the left.

Example for positioning: URN-Positionierung

This is important because the dissertation in electronic form must match the printed copies in all parts.

Further to be submitted (procedures and dates are to be coordinated with the UB):

Your dissertatopm will be published by us in the Digitale Bibliothek Thüringen (dbt). You will be notified by email of the link for direct access to your doctoral thesis.

Checklist for electronic publication

The checklist offers you a quick overview of the submission and publication procedures at the University Library and the entire process of the publication of your dissertation. 

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Printed publication

The copies to be delivered must be printed on age-resistant wood-free and acid-free paper and require a hard cover (no ring binding).

The following are to be submitted:

  • 6 copies, if a commercial publisher (publishing house) is responsible for distribution via the book trade and bindingly guarantees a minimum circulation of 150 copies or availability for a period of at least two years,


  • 10 copies in book or photo printing.

Checklist for printed publication

The checklist offers you a quick overview of the submission procedures and the publication process at the University Library. 

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Submission to the University Library

In case of questions or when you would like to submit your dissertation or post-doctoral thesis (please inform the University Library in advance), please contact:

Antje Holtzhausen

Phone: +49 3677 69-4607

Kerstin Beyer

Phone: +49 3677 69-4615


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