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Check list for the submission of an electronic dissertation

This checklist offers you an overview of the submission and publication procedure at the University Library and the entire process of the publication of your thesis.

Checklist for Electronic Publication

Registering your dissertation:

  • You register your dissertation using our registration form.
  • The University Library assigns your dissertation with a URN, which is sent to you by email.
  • You add the URN to the bottom left-hand corner of the cover page of your dissertation before compiling and printing.

Submitting your dissertation to the University Library’s dissertation centre:

  • You submit the abstract of your dissertation in both English and German as two plain text files (TXT) together with the application form, then submit the full text of your dissertation in presentation format (PDF/A or PS) as directed by the University Library. Files must not be password or copy protected.
  • In addition, you hand in four printed and bound copies of your dissertation.
  • When submitting, you include a completed and signed Declaration of Consent.
  • After checking the electronic and printed versions of your dissertation, we send confirmation to the relevant Dean’s office that all required copies have been submitted.

Publication of your dissertation:

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