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Publication of post-doctoral thesis

[Regulations on Habilitation at TU Ilmenau Habilitationsordnung der TU Ilmenau ]

All scientists who write post-doctoral theses at TU Ilmenau should submit them at the University Library. Two printed copies and abstracts in German and English (full page or half page DIN A4; TXT file) are desired.
Graduates admitted for habilitation at the TU Ilmenau can also publish their post-doctoral theses electronically by the University Library.

Please register your post-doctoral thesis before you submit the document to the University Library and use for your registration the web form "Registration of a habilitation". The University Library sends you a URN (Uniform Resource Name) for your electronic post-doctoral thesis, which allows a persistent and location-independent identification of the electronic document. You indicate this URN on the left bottom part of the cover page of your post-doctoral thesis before you print it.Example for URN positioning on the cover page: URN-Positionierung

When submitting your post-doctoral thesis in electronic form, you will benefit from the advantages of electronic publication, i.e. faster distribution, easier reference for scientists from other universities, integration in Internet search engines etc.

For distribution of your electronic post-doctoral thesis on the Internet, the University Library needs:

  1. The electronic post-doctoral thesis
  2. Abstracts in German and English; full page or half page DIN A4 each; two plain TXT files.
  3. The completed and signed declaration of consent (Einverständniserklärung).
    (You fill out the declaration, print and sign it.)

Your electronic post-doctoral thesis is published immediately by the University Library and your are sent an email with the URL, which ensures direct access to your document.

Submission to the University Library

In case of questions or when you would like to submit your dissertation or post-doctoral thesis (please inform the University Library in advance), please contact:

Antje Holtzhausen

Phone: +49 3677 69-4607

Kerstin Beyer

Phone: +49 3677 69-4615